29 July 2009

Forty days

Thursday will mark forty days since the murder of Nedâ Aghâ-Soltân, the woman whose bloody shooting has become one of the most-widely-recognized images from the Iranian uprising.

Forty days is the traditional mourning period in Iran. During the 1978-1979 revolution, the forty-day anniversary of the killings of victims of the regime often saw redoubled popular action.

The shaky theocracy may well find its hands full tomorrow.

Update (Thursday): Things are heating up at the cemetery -- Saeed Valadbaygi liveblogs.


Anonymous Cameron said...

The notion of 40 days is not just significant in Iran - there are some interesting historical, religious and astronomical time elements related to the period of 40 days. An explanation or two.

29 July, 2009 18:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Interesting links, thanks.

30 July, 2009 06:39  

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