20 July 2009

Quote for the day

"All the birthers* I've seen have been polykooks. This is typical and well documented. People who believe one impossible thing, usually believe most or all impossible things. Most also believe that the moon landings were faked, vaccines make you sick, the swine flu was genetically engineered by the Illuminati, the earth is 6,000 years old, the ancient Jews had pet dinosaurs. evolution is impossible, chemtrails make you dull witted, global warming isn't happening, UFO flying saucers are piloted by demons, George Bush isn't stupid, xian morality exists, and Dick Cheney isn't evil. The more imaginative weave them all into tapestries of lunacy. The Illuminati with the aid of the RCC and elves in their flying saucers piloted by Bigfoot and demons, visited Obama in Kenya for his birth and planned to take everyone's guns away after putting mind control and sterilizing chemicals in the water supply. I know one such. She is a severe schizophrenic who hates doctors because they are always trying to prescribe Zyprexa which she won't take. She also moves frequently because of evictions from places for disruptive and erratic behaviorial problems. They are just lunatics. The USA as a world leader in lots of things, is a world leader in crackpots and crackpottery."
"Raven" (#64 here)

*Birthers: people who believe that Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen and is thus ineligible to be President.


Blogger by Michael Boh said...

I put most of the blame on AM TALK RADIO. It's turned a whole segment of Americans into mindless chimps willing to believe anything they say. My "conservative" sister-in-law was ranting to me this weekend about how Obama is destroying America. Of course, she heard it from the usual liars. Nothing I said registered with her. She and her kind are truly brainwashed. I do love the 1st Amendment, but so hate those that abuse it for personal gain at the expense of their own nation.

20 July, 2009 10:21  
Blogger Conrad Strong said...

Infidel I love the quote and agree completely. We're thinking along the same lines today. Just before stopping by your blog, I posted a quote on the same topic from the FirstRead blog and compared the birthers to those believing in the Loch Ness Monster and those who think the moon landing was faked.

21 July, 2009 13:33  

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