18 July 2009

Link roundup for 18 July 2009

Is Michelle Obama a Satanist?

PZ Myers has video of the sacrifice of Abraham.

MSM news gets set to music.

Watch what you say in Ireland.

Be careful talking about human rights in Russia, too.

Christian Fellowship House -- or den of adultery?

Prospects seem good for the Democrats to pick up more seats in Congress next year.

Conor Clarke looks at citation of foreign law in US courts.

There's an Orwellian problem with the Kindle.

The Iranian theocracy's fear tactics are losing their effectiveness.

A visitor just back from Iran reports on the breadth of support for the uprising (this is two days before the huge protests on Friday).

China is "an empire desperately trying to make the world think it's a state" -- and it's on a collision course with jihadism.

Sadly No dissects a typical case of right-wing misunderstanding of science.

Venus might have been more Earthlike in the distant past.

Aubrey de Grey discusses the current state of anti-aging research (found via Fight Aging).

Plans for the 2009 Singularity Summit in New York City have been announced.


Blogger mendip said...

Great links - thanks. The one on Kindle is fascinating (and a little suspicious)

18 July, 2009 09:19  
Anonymous rita said...

Referring to the Orwellian problem & Kindle. This is what we in the newspaper business see as the advantage of the hard copy. :)

19 July, 2009 22:24  

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