25 July 2009

Link roundup for 25 July 2009

"No matter how hard he thumped his Bible....." Yet another family-values Religiopublican gets caught with his pants down. (And this George Bush art is classic.)

The world hasn't ended -- what a disappointment!

Please read this posting about it.

This method for dealing with drought sounds worth watching.

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo looks at Palin's family and loony-right delusions about liberals.

The MSM opt for sizzle over steak once again.

"Hope and change"? Forget it.

Outside religious groups are pouring money into a campaign to overturn Maine's marriage-equality law.

Conrad Strong looks at right-wing pundits and the birth-certificate crackpottery. Not surprisingly, the McCain campaign checked out this "issue" before the election, but concluded that there was no substance to it.

A Daily Dish e-mailer offers some straight talk about the menace of religion.

Randall Terry joins the ranks of right-wing crazies threatening terrorism against the United States.

Young people are drifting away from Christianity -- and religious education doesn't help.

The ACLU is pushing back against yet another effort to undermine the establishment clause.

If Obama wants to take a stand on police abuse, there are cases out there which are much worse than the Gates incident.

It doesn't work! So let's do more of it!

In India, Hillary Clinton talks education.

Sandly No looks at socialized medicine in Thailand (and math in Texas).

Wealthy interests stand to make tens of billions in profits from the extinction of the bluefin tuna.

Government officials in Britain are out of touch on immigration.

The Russian regime wants to make it illegal to mention certain inconvenient historical facts.

Stem cells can restore lost memory.

The astonishing self-healing powers of flatworms hold clues which could help humans.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Not much comment here Mr.infidel except that I enjoyed much or your round up as usual.

The one about counting in Texas was quite fitting for what I told you long ago if you recall.... dont ask us to count over 99 and you'll be fine.In this case it unfortunately was much less... perhap's he's from Longview? :)

25 July, 2009 11:11  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Or maybe his family is like Palin's, and tends to multiply in unpredictable fashion.....

25 July, 2009 15:43  

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