22 August 2009

For a lark.....

I had a go at this political spectrum quiz (found via Counting Cats), which I would expect to give better results than most, because it contains more questions (about 60) and because you can choose how much weight to give each question:

Political Views
Left social libertarian
Left: 3.17, Libertarian: 4.71

Political Spectrum Quiz

Culture War Stance
Score: -3.81

Political Spectrum Quiz

Foreign Policy Views
Score: 2.85

Political Spectrum Quiz

The only surprise is that I'd consider myself a lot further to the left on the "culture war" scale.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, Infidel! How did you venture into the neocon zone?!

Phew... But while there, say HI! to Paul Wolfowitz, will ya?

Or maybe not HI!, but something else, like... um... -- use your imagination.


I suspect I already know where my scores would be: waay to the left. But will see -- looks interesting.

22 August, 2009 12:12  

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