17 August 2009

What would Hillary be doing?

If Hillary Clinton were President now, would she be handling the health-care reform fight differently? The question has been raised in several quarters, but I think Dissenting Justice has the best take on it -- see his 12:32 AM comment to "Camels" as well as the post.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting post Mr.Infidel for me, because just recently,I was just thinking about Clinton's idea's on Health Care Reform,as she spoke and somewhat proposed even before the end of the campaign last year.Because I didnt like some of her HCR idea's,only because she was appearing to be too close with insurance companies on it.However...now.... looking at this as it play's out under this administration... I said to myself last week... "no wonder Clinton planned thing's the way she did, because of her experience...she actually knew that there wasnt a snowball's chance in hell...of getting any kind of reform on the Hill ... unless the right button's and proposal's were pushed and in check". I came to this conclusion over the last couple week's of this ordeal ...and thought also...if she were President, I personally think that reform would have gone through much easier.. considering all who has to be involved with reform ... so I was wrong about her I figure last year on this subject. I feel Obama, is more like my thinking on this,and drives a package that many just simply dont like on the Hill... and mostly because of the strong influence of major corporation's and medical institution's, I am one who would want to see health care nationalized ... like what I seen when I stayed in both Canada and England for instance. I still am ... but realize that it wont be a reality here ... at least any time soon. I think that Clinton now... was one step up on the game... and seen the reality of the condition long ago ... and think's that Obama's proposal's is almost like pissing in the wind. No doubt by now.. we can see pretty much what this so called reform is going to consist of, which is at least better then nothing I reckon.

Thank You Sir!

17 August, 2009 23:06  
Anonymous NickM said...

Because Hilary was working on it when Bill was in the White House. Obama seems to be winging it somewhat. The impression I got form the primaries and later was that Obama was winging it.

It is a most complex system and I think Hilary would have been much less likely to pull the wrong bloke from the Jenga tower.

18 August, 2009 05:30  
Anonymous Nick M said...

I mean "block" obviously!

19 August, 2009 01:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Heh.....And there I was wondering if "pulling a bloke from the Jenga Tower" was some obscure British expression for pardoning a person.

Is the Jenga Tower the same Tower that Henry VIII was always sending people to before beheading them?

19 August, 2009 05:52  

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