15 August 2009

Link roundup for 15 August 2009

Lovecraft's From Beyond goes claymation (found via Mendip).

Dogs and cats record their lives among us. And check out printer repair cat too.

Check out history as the Pope apparently sees it.

Zirgar fisks Limbaugh.

Pharyngula surpasses the Vatican!

Oliver Willis brings us a day in the life of a conservative oppressed by socialism.

"My husband is not the Secretary of State. I am."

Be careful in interpreting polls about political identification.

For some, pregnancy means a nightmarish loss of freedom.

Middle of Nowhere has challenges for the health-reform scare-mongers, here and here.

When all you have is a conspiracy theory, everything looks like a conspiracy (sent by Mendip).

"They have always been with us."

It's OK to shout down speakers you disagree with, except when it isn't.

Read some straight talk about health care in Britain, from some-one who actually lives there.

With most economic indicators now looking better than expected, economists project how the recovery will progress.

Armed radical groups are on the rise.

Scientists discover an unexpected carnivore in the Philippines.

Amazing -- people find real sex more satisfying than fake sex.

Orangutans use leaves to make themselves seem bigger to potential enemies.

There's a natural form of protection against breast cancer.

Researchers are developing another cancer-fighting technology, using nanoparticles.

The future of global warming looks different from what scientists anticipated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Infidel, thanks for the plug(s)!

What really captured my interest, however, was the link with the news about the superiority of the real sex over the "fake" one. Go figure.

I'ma get me some sex-related posts too, and soon. Forget the health reform and all that other unpleasant stuff. ;)

15 August, 2009 15:13  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Don't be too disappointed if you still don't get any coherent replies to your challenges. Remember, we are dealing here with people many of whom believe that the Earth is 6,000 years old and that Obama is a Muslim Marxist Kenyan Arab. Reality is not their strong point.

Sex-related posts do have value in boosting readership, I suspect.....

15 August, 2009 16:31  
Blogger Rita said...

Sex-related posts do have value in boosting readership, I suspect....

I've found that to be true.

Seriously, I was hoping the natural answer to the breast cancer problem was more sex. ;)

15 August, 2009 23:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Well, it couldn't hurt. They keep discovering more and more health-enhancing properties of orgasm all the time. And don't forget natural anti-depressants.

Now, if only we can get the new health reform plan to subsidize this somehow -- the Religiopublicans' brains would really explode then.

16 August, 2009 03:14  
Anonymous rita said...

Interesting...I'll have to do some independent research. ;)

16 August, 2009 15:55  
Anonymous phuckpolitics said...

Thanks for the plug mi amigo.

26 August, 2009 07:03  

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