22 August 2009

Link roundup for 22 August 2009

Inspired by Barney Frank, Middle of Nowhere presents the Fall 2009 collection of dining-room tables -- perfect for tea parties!

Single avatar seeks same for hot times (found via Mendip).

Raquel Welch looks a bit cross.

Maybe the lady with the first sign actually means it, and that's why she's got her mouth open so wide instead.

Atheism ads offend stupid people.

The media manufacture a fake controversy over nothing.

Beware these five species (found via Mendip).

The Creation Museum is hosting a fake "science fair".

Yes, there is still unabashed racism out there.

Paul Krugman takes Obama to task about the public option.

Nervous about British-style health care coming to the US? It's already here!

Teapot Atheist has some questions about Texas's new high school Bible curriculum. Also: why Christianity appeals to criminals.

Yale University Press kowtows to Islam (found via Exit Zero).

Steven Chapman recently challenged opponents of gay marriage to articulate exactly what harm they expect it to do. Brad at The Crossed Pond dissects Maggie Gallagher's bizarre response.

A campaign is under way in Britain to obtain a "pardon" for Alan Turing. Well, the Catholic Church "forgave" Galileo.....

Steele panel or brick wall? The RNC chief refuses to call a lie a lie.

Lunacy on the right has a long history (found via Liberal Values).

Tom Ridge's new book says that Bush pressured him to manipulate the terror-alert system for political purposes. Demwit has more.

The solar tower, an intersting idea for clean power generation, may soon go into practical use in Australia.

Our brains are hard-wired to process images of living and non-living things differently.

Drugs designed to mimic the lifespan-extending effects of calorie restriction are being tested on humans; the article also discusses promising research on monkeys and lifespan extension in general.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Greeting's Mr.Infidel!

I just was looking at your Mt.Hood webcam...that snow look's nice in late august ...it is 93 degree's here in Dallas right now.

Very interesting post at least for me on Texas High School Bible Curriculum. You see...back awhile ago I did a post called something like "Texas BORED of Education" because so much talk was going on in Austin with the school board on what you can teach and cannot teach etc.To be honest...it was so damn confusing,and these bastard's purposely make it like that, they are very cunning and sly on how they sneak stuff around when it comes to religion.I DONT trust a damn bit of it..there should be NO RELIGION theories taught in public school's period...and especially the bible...I have nothing against the bible...it's just that it has nothing to do with education any more than any other religious doctrine book. I also heard that muslim's in Texas got wind of this...and some feel their quran or whatever should be in as well. I have no idea where any of this is going...but these decision's in Texas have 10 year period's,before they are dealt with and voted on again. I know one thing...they better watch their ass...because there are some here that do NOT approve of this and one false move if any of this get's established...they will have a handful of lawsuit's to deal with, they can bank on it! I have a 13 year old grandson in Dallas Public School's that will be entering high school soon,so I am concerned with this. Another thing is that Dallas school's are 92% minority, and most of the minority here is latino and afro american... I know for a fact that most latino's and black's grew up in catholic/christian belief families, and may be more acceptable to this.

On the other hand I did get a big laugh out of "Creation Museum Science fair" I know this isnt meant to be a laughing matter,but when you read it...it is hard not to laugh.

Michelle Obama's short's? This is new to me ... I wonder if there were any concern's over her panties?

That post about the aetheist bill board bellyaching...they have them same billboard's off Dallas area freeway's.Havent heard nothing about it here yet as far as complaint's...I only pay attention to the one's for the strip joint's and massage parlor's.


22 August, 2009 14:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I also heard that muslim's in Texas got wind of this...and some feel their quran or whatever should be in as well.

I want the Kojiki (Shinto holy book) in there too -- with all that shagging between gods and goddesses, including quite a bit of brother-sister incest, it should certainly capture the kids' imagination!

I wonder if there were any concern's over her panties?

Let's not even go there. I don't want to give these dingbats ideas.

22 August, 2009 17:12  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Sound's good to me guy about the Shinto "word" ... cause the way I see it...is that if bro and sis are getting it on...that dont get any more "family value's" oriented. Hell, if you read the story of Adam and Eve...that there show's you that the whole familia was shaggin each other...or else we all wouldnt be here ...the Pope aint got shit on ole Ranch Chimp!

BTW...forgot to post it,but Iloved the Solar Tower piece!

22 August, 2009 19:02  

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