03 August 2008

Inspirational viewing for the god-free

I've linked to most of these before, but want to recommend them again for anyone who wasn't reading back then.

Christopher Hitchens: Speech in Toronto on religion and hatred

Bill Maher: Interview with Christopher Hitchens

Bill Maher: Dan Savage in South Carolina (before the primary)

Bill Maher: On religion

Bill Maher: On religion in politics

Sam Harris: On differences between religions

Sam Harris: On the liberal blind spot about Islam

Nimpsy(?): Kissing Hank's Ass

Stuck Mojo: Open Season

Stuck Mojo: Open Season (CAIR remix)

Salvatore Pertutti: Dieu

Salvatore Pertutti: Sacrés Livres

The Hooters: Satellite


Anonymous Blurber said...

Lots of good Bill Maher, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, etc. stuff.

Unfortunately these people are usually preaching to the choir. As Matt Taibbi says in THE GREAT DERANGEMENT after ‘An Encounter Weekend’ organized by John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in Texas, “None of that politics stuff matters anyway, once you’ve gotten this far. All that matters is being full of the Lord and empty of demons. And since everything that is not of God is demonic, asking these people to be objective about anything else is just absurd. There is no ‘anything else.’ All alternative points of view are nonstarters.”

By the way, during this “Encounter Weekend” Mr. Taibbi inadvertently closed his mouth during a session designed to let out demons, which apparently can be removed only through that bodily orifice. Fortunately, a spiritual leader was around to remind him to open his mouth, so we can assume that Mr. Taibbi’s demons were let out.

For those impressed with Pastor Hagee and his ideas I must point out that, according to the Cornerstone web site, (http://www.sacornerstone.com/church_ministries_reconciliation.asp)
attendance to an Encounter is MANDATORY for anyone planning to attend the Government of Twelve School of Leaders. I don’t know who they are but I bet they’re not impressed with the likes of Maher, Hitchens and Harris.

04 August, 2008 09:08  
Blogger Prash said...

Kissing Hank's ASS :

This video made me laugh a lot. Very interesting the circular logic of Karl's list saying Hank is right.

Dieu & Sacré Livres :

Editing is interesting. I prefer the song in Dieu.

Sam Harris talks about Islam :

Libeals or not, Dick Cheny or the islamist religious fanatics...it is always this:

Unless the Israel Palestine problem is solved, I think the religious war we witness today cannot have any positive signs for a cession and a peaceful truce to share this planet by accepting the difference and having more tolerance. I believe that the religious issues we have in India, Indonesia, African countries, America, Europe, it all gets back to Israel and Palestine, at the end of the day.

The phrase I liked at the end ; I disagree with lot of things you said, but I think you are a brave man.

This can be said only in USA, I think! Try it in Asia (it is a brutal and frontal attack).

PS: thanks for the links to these videos, I'll watch the rest of the links later.

05 August, 2008 02:12  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Blurber -- It's true enough that the hard-core religious would be unlikely to relish the challenge of watching these, and would be still less likely to find them persuasive. But I do hope they will prove entertaining or inspiration to those of us who are already superstition-free.

"Full of the Lord"? These people are certainly full of something..... I do hope Mr. Taibbi was able to vomit forth those demons with which he is apparently so obsessed but so determined to purge from himself (spiritual bulimia?).

Prash -- Glad you liked the videos. Unfortunately such bluntness and honesty about religion is not common in the US, though I wish it were.

I do disagree about the Arab-Israel conflict being at the root of all these religious conflicts. Religious war and violence in general, and the menace of Islamic imperialism specifically, have been around a lot longer than the Arab-Israeli conflict has. The problem of Islamic violence against other societies has deep roots in Islamic doctrine; it would probably still be happening in pretty much the same way even if Israel had never existed.

05 August, 2008 05:28  
Blogger handmaiden said...

“None of that politics stuff matters anyway, once you’ve gotten this far. All that matters is being full of the Lord...
I've been there. It's like being high. People that are "full of the Lord" don't want to be personally responsible. They want a God to determine ethics & morals, i.e. evangelists, priests, rabbis, etc...

In the U.S. we at least have the freedom to be honest & blunt about our ideas of religion. Our Constitution & Bill of Rights, encourages us to exercise our freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the freedom of ideas, even those ideas others might not agree with ←THAT is no small thing.

05 August, 2008 19:48  
Blogger mendip said...

A wonderful collection - Thanks! I suspect the benefits of an exposure to Atheism will be slow, subtle, and mostly amongst the young. I believe no one is better at discerning hypocricy, unfairness, and a lack of results, than young adults. Atheism is going to be a natural direction for many....

07 August, 2008 04:27  

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