25 July 2008

The latest addition to my links list

If you choose to read only one PUMA site, Cannonfire is the one. Cannonfire consistently and relentlessly lays out the real issues in our current struggle -- not for the Presidency, which is already lost this election cycle, but for the soul of the Democratic party.

Read this and this to see how Obama's own followers are oblitera-ting any chance of re-unifying the party -- including discussion of the stunningly inept and counterproductive Fowler-Germond e-mail which has already become notorious.

Cannon keeps on firing here, including the best response yet to those who claim that PUMA is Republican-funded:

I've made this suggestion before, but let's repeat it: If you really think that big GOP funders are behind the PUMA movement, put your paranoia to the test. Open up a PUMA site. If you pilfer lots of material, you can have an impressive-looking operation up and running in a few hours. Then ask Team McCain for some cash.

You won't get a dime.

If a red-meat approach to politics appeals to you, this is a blog worth following.


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