19 July 2008

Link roundup for 19 July 2008

Blogger MWB has some album covers proving that the 1950s were not boring, and revealing what aliens are really up to.

More fun with communion wafers, this time in Quebec (found via Handmaiden).

Also from Handmaiden: what could possibly be more disrespectful of Christianity than tacky Jesus theme parks (story here).

Black Sun Journal advocates cleansing America's public spaces of "evandalism".

This Amazonian tribe has no word for the number "one" (sent by Blurber). Well, it took us long enough to even invent the zero.....

Here's a repulsive true story about brainwashing children.

The British government has finally deigned to "give" its people a right which not even an ant would ever hesitate to assert: the right to defend themselves and their homes. Be thankful that we have the Second Amendment.

Lenin is still disturbingly fashionable in Russia. But Russian tanks are now intriguingly fashionable in Germany (found via Mendip).

Blogger Clyde assesses the current state of the Obama campaign, while Texas Darlin showcases e-mails and comments from the candidate's supporters.

There's new evidence that physical fitness helps protect the brain from Alzheimer's disease.

Israeli professor Benny Morris lays out the stark reality of the Iran situation -- in the New York Times, no less.


Anonymous handmaiden said...

Very interesting links. they were all good, Esp. mine...ha ha!

Thank you for the plug.

The brainwashing link really ticked me off. That poor kid.

21 July, 2008 09:12  

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