28 July 2008

Link roundup for 28 July 2008

Oops! This could start a new round of false rumors about Obama.

Here's a Cthulhu Chick tract (found via Mendip).

JibJab skewers Presidential politics again, while Gerard Baker lampoons the modern Messiah in Europe. Some of Obama's followers seem unclear on the concept of freedom of expression (or worse). But maybe we just don't get him.

Could New York state be in play in November?

Wonkette presents a sampling of comments from hard-core (and semiliterate) Christians threatening to boycott McDonald's because "you have decide to support homosexually totally and their Sodom and Gomorrah life style".

Sadly No has been hot on the trail of that fake story about the American Physical Society and global warming that suckered so many right-wing bloggers -- see here, here, and here.

Jason Kuznicki challenges you to stand up for freedom and the American way -- by taking this pledge.

Barbarism strikes in Ahmedabad, India.

Saudi Arabian schoolbooks haven't changed much.

Biophysicist Gregory Stock speaks on aging.

America is starting to move forward on fuel-from-waste technology.

Fight Aging looks at progress toward brain-cell regeneration.

This discovery (sent by Blurber) implies that aging might be curable by genetic engineering.


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