15 April 2008

Link roundup for 15 April 2008

Mendip has a couple of good links on Werner von Braun. See also this about Switzerland.

Also found via Mendip: online advertising as Rube Goldberg might have designed it.

Jabberwock has posted another great Chick tract dissection.

Hot Lard posts a passel of Wal-Mart posters (if you don't get the references to the disabled woman's case, read this and this).

The media's interest in this story shows that they don't grasp the concept of coincidence.

A small British village achieves food self-sufficiency.

American-made Skyy vodka responds to the Absolut ad I linked earlier. Here's another reaction.

Los Angeles citizens take a stand against the city's lenient policy on illegal-alien crime.

Republicans now see Obama as easy prey in the general election. Aside from Wright, "Bittergate" will resonate in the swing states. Democratic superdelegates have good reason to wait and watch.

Samizdata ruminates on the significance of Muslims leaving Islam.

He Who Zings Rats is visiting our country this week -- and plans to pray for Muslim terrorists at Groud Zero.

Check out these FBI hate-crime statistics. Contrary to what some might expect, anti-Muslim crimes are still much rarer than anti-Semitic ones.

Outrageous religious bigotry erupts in the Illinois legislature (found via Masterblurber, and don't forget this).

An Olympic torchbearer manages to protest for Tibet.

Here's a report on the FLDS polygamist compound recently raided by Texas officials.

Fight Aging looks at current research on mitochondrial DNA and the aging process.

Even today's crude nanotechnology is showing promise in the repair of spinal-cord injuries and in high-resolution medical scanning.

Here's a form of healthy exercise that shouldn't be too difficult to stick with regularly.

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Blogger FranIAm said...

Thanks as always for the great linkage.

When will the vodka inspired idiocy end? While pedants labor over what the border is or should be, in a vodka ad, our country continues to go down the drain.

Oh. I forgot. Real issues, such as they are do not get good press. Thinking would then be required. Followed by, dare I say it - action.

No no no. Pass the Skyy!

Anyway, I am hoping to up the amount of exercise (ahem!) that I am getting. I always want to improve my health and fitness!!

15 April, 2008 07:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good links, as usual. Can't complain about the exercise recommendation. :)

15 April, 2008 15:15  
Anonymous handmaiden said...

I just reading finished most of the links, very interesting.

The FDLS case...over 400 children, 200 lawyers, over 100 mothers, media, spectators, *sheesh* what a circus!

A couple of the benefits of that particular exercise I wouldn't of expected, boosting the immune system & staving off prostrate cancer, but all in all, 10 good excuses, er...reasons to exercise regularly.

P.S. I also finished a great book called "Natural Law" by Robert Anton Wilson. :)

17 April, 2008 16:35  

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