04 April 2008

Link roundup for 4 April 2008

Scientists are trying to develop self-catching fish.

This is perhaps taking "What would Jesus do?" a little too far. More commentary here.

Air travelers already suffer from boredom, arbitrary security rules, and Republican-infested restrooms.....and now there's this.

Remember this outrageous story? Well, Mall-Wart has backed down in the face of the public outcry.

Cuba is now lifting its ban on household appliances (found via Masterblurber).

Germany intends to join the pro-Tibetan boycott of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. Note that Poland and the Czech Republic, which have some recent experience with tyranny, are already on board. Anne Applebaum makes the case for a boycott; here's a look at what's happening to Tibet.

British atheist Danny Carr is trying to get de-baptised (found via Vamp's World).

A Pittsburgh newspaperman reassesses Hillary Clinton. Her voters may bolt if Obama is nominated. The Boston Globe suggests a way out (see here too), while the Gore option is gaining attention. The high Democratic turnout is promising, but we need to catch the wave of populism. Ultimately the superdelegates must choose the most electable candidate.

If you decide to take up vodka, don't drink Absolut (Update: here's a list of other products of the same parent company).

Der Spiegel denounces European cowardice. Andre Glucksmann and Bernard-Henri Lévy call for a stand against the new fascism.

Were the Flores hominids victims of disease?

We're making impressive progress on cellular regeneration (found via Mendip).

Here's another small step toward Drexlerian nanotechnology.

George Dvorsky has tips on surviving long enough to benefit from the longevity revolution.

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Blogger FranIAm said...

What an impressive set of links for me to check out.

I quickly clicked into the WWJD bit; as an actual believing person, I find that practice disturbing and far from any spiritual knowledge or experience that I have.

There is no accounting for idiocy, and while religious belief seems to account for most of it, I would respectfully posit that it is not all of it.

To each their own I say- but you know that I believe as you come by my blog.

I am glad to see Germany stepping up the boycott issue. The whole Olympics thing has become a huge cluster f*ck.

Anyway, you give me much to read and ponder - thanks!

04 April, 2008 05:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! I love the de-pabtize column. Yes, you really did post much of interest. WWJD- Um, isn't there a reason why people don't have to do all that? Something like their sins having already been paid for?

Fish to fish for themselves- sure hope my daughter doesn't read about that. She'll faint. We'll have boring summers if all we have to do is give a whistle or something and all the fish jump up on shore.

04 April, 2008 12:05  

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