21 August 2022

Link round-up for 21 August 2022

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Don't rub it too hard.

Instruction in math has changed over the years.

Attention women -- snap up these perfect men while they're available.

Roadside assistance professionals can help with your car.

Yeah, this would be an effective distraction.

Never underestimate the power of a duck.

Lady M's garden brings forth a unique yellow summer squash.  I think it would go well with this pumpkin.

Would you like to supersize that?

It's Merde-a-Logo, Eagles style.

This person exists (found via SickoRicko).

These trees are getting enough water.

See awesome floats in this Dutch flower parade.


Blogger Daal has an assortment of book reviews.

If it quacks like a duck.....

Lady M dodges the miserable heat and glare with a trip to cool, cloudy Scotland.

Do your blog posts really need images?

Stop ruining your brain.

"On a sidenote, why am I always so depressed?"

Imagine Bible myths as ordinary stories (link from NickM).

Some tips on ax safety here.

Don't let corporations destroy art.

Evolution often works by decreasing complexity -- apparently in the case of one of the most distinctive human abilities.

Even as adults, male chimpanzees often maintain close relationships with their mothers.

There is such a thing as World Mosquito Day -- which we should celebrate by getting rid of the damn things once and for all.

Tips here on handling Jehovah's Witnesses, from somebody who used to be one.

Autistic life is a continuous struggle with communicating in ways that meet the mainstream's expectations.

"Don't fall for it.  Honor your ancestors."

Read about the first labor strike in history -- it was a big one, complete with locking management out of the premises.  Discussion here.

Trumpanzees staged a huge protest rally in DC.

Christianity demands unnatural and impossible emotional states.

Even strippers now want to unionize.  Go for it, ladies!

Inflation hits the disabled the hardest.

It would be curiously appropriate for Trump to go down because of mishandling documents.

In a small Washington town, an 80-year-old woman fights back against violent thugs and an ultra-creepy mayor.

A Pittsburgh ice cream shop, short of workers, tried a radical solution.

Why would an all-powerful God allow his followers to sound like dumbasses?

Wingnuts are talking civil war, but their actions are pitifully feeble.

Male supremacy endlessly repackages itself into new guises.

TikTok (owned by a company in fascist China) has the ability to record passwords and credit card info you enter, even on other sites.

This pastor epitomizes the greed and arrogance of religious leadership.

Go fuck your dog.

"An angry white crowd screaming at a Black woman pleading for civil rights. Threatening her. Intimidating her..... This is the left now?"

Credit where credit is due:  Wal-Mart will cover the costs of travel for abortion for employees in forced-birth states.

Authoritarians, left or right, are basically the same; and democracy, however imperfect, is the only decent system.

If the control freaks can't stop people from getting abortion pills by mail, they can't stop this either.

Starbucks workers in Memphis score a win against union-busting schemes.

The concept of "appropriation" is just as stupid in the context of acting as in any other context.

You're running for governor FFS, stop being so embarrassing (found via Hackwhackers).

As evangelicalism dies, it's becoming sicker and more dangerous.

It is possible to criticize an ideology without hating all its adherents.

No, Trump's stolen documents are not analogous to Hillary's e-mails.

".....it is both inevitable and, at times, important that people offend the sensibilities of others."

The US is in the grip of an anti-science medical delusion far deadlier than the anti-vax nonsense.

A tale of two prelates illustrates the moral bankruptcy of the Catholic Church.

It's not just downtown -- southeast Portland, too, is degenerating.

Boston Children's Hospital denies performing hysterectomies on minors (and has taken down all its videos on Frankensteinian "gender affirming" surgery), but doing such surgeries on 18-year-olds for no valid medical reason is hardly less of an atrocity.  One of the videos BCH took down when it got called out falsely claimed the effects of puberty blockers are reversible.  In a sane world these people would be headed for long prison terms; in reality, we can still hope for massive legal action as the Tavistock in the UK is facing.

Your smartphone is spying on you.

The attempted murder of Rushdie reminds us that no idea or belief should be exempt from criticism or ridicule.

Alongside the "cotton ceiling" attack on lesbians, here comes the "boxer ceiling" attack on gay men.

Republican primary voters are nominating wingnut candidates even in blue states, dooming the party to defeat there.

Yes, they are serious about forcing young girls to have their rapists' babies.

Among us, there are collaborators with the enemy.

The wingnut excuse-making machine is having to go into overdrive these days.

"The only thing you can do is not back down."

How disgusting can woketardia get?  This disgusting.

Here's what Trump plans to do if he becomes president again.

Cash-strapped Republicans are pulling funding from some of their more extremist Senate candidates, suggesting they realize these wackjobs are doomed.

Writers are abandoning the UK's Society of Authors for failing to condemn the death threats against JK Rowling.

These church leaders think they should have a veto over public art.

A Bible-thumper with a history of threatening and menacing women has been given a public role in the Scottish National Party.

An Australian doctor writes a scathing open letter to his colleagues.

Climate activists in France take action against water-guzzling golf courses in the midst of severe drought.

Hey, even a national leader needs to have fun now and then.

Russian occupiers have kidnapped thousands of Ukrainian orphans (found via Reaganite Independent).

The Russian military in Ukraine is staggeringly incompetent.

Make no mistake, Putin is losing.  Considering what Ukraine has already accomplished, it's foolish to deny that it can win.

Video here of an apparent attack on a Russian facility in occupied Crimea.

Just one of the Crimea attacks knocked out over half of the Russian Black Sea fleet's aircraft.

The Saudi regime has sentenced a women to 34 years in prison for supporting dissidents on Twitter.

Well, this jackass won't be trying any more rapes.

Americans strongly support Taiwan's freedom.

The Chinese regime locks down entire buildings if it thinks even one person who has been in contact with a covid-positive person has been there.

Black African feminists are being targeted with hatred and threats by Western fanatics.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

My own posts this week: a new "improving words" list, the world we live in in images, and a rap re-telling of A Christmas Carol.

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Merrick Garland during the 2016 Supreme Court nomination debacle:  "You can't win, Mitch.  If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."


Blogger Jack said...

Thanks for the link! And of course, images from They Live are always welcome.

21 August, 2022 03:55  
Anonymous NickM said...

The pro-bestiality thing is bizarre. Placing it in the context of "queer theory" is deeply offensive to gay and lesbian folk. It is essentially saying their sexual experiences are morally equivalent to shagging a dog. That is the sort of equivalence you'd expect from the likes of Fred Phelps.

Anyway, try this for size...

A leading university has launched an inquiry after it emerged that one of its PhD students has written a research paper about sexual attraction to young boys.

Karl Andersson spent three months recording his thoughts and feelings while masturbating over images of young boys in Japanese comic books.

In the abstract for the paper, Andersson, who is interviewing fans of shota comics for his PhD, said he wanted to “understand how [they] experience sexual pleasure when reading shota”.

His 4,000-word study, which details his sexual habits and sexual encounters between boys in the comics, was published in the journal Qualitative Research in April. It provoked outrage from academics, an MP and others after it was circulated on Twitter this week.

That's Manchester University. Generally seen as a World class research institution.


21 August, 2022 04:01  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

Not the best roadside assistance. Amazing how that summer squash and that pumpkin go so well together. Greedy pastors are everywhere. The sooner evangelicalism dies, the better. And so much more. Thanks for the shout-out!

21 August, 2022 11:24  
Blogger Mike said...

"Well, this jackass won't be trying any more rapes."
I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. With the invention of the taser, it would be easy enough to do.

21 August, 2022 12:20  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jack: Thanks for the post -- in this case, I guess the image actually was beneficial. :-)

NickM: It is very strange that some people insist on living down to the worst of their enemies' propaganda about them. I imagine most gay people are aghast at this ever-deepening morass of perversion which has glommed on to what used to be their liberation movement, but feel inhibited from speaking out by a misguided feeling of solidarity with "oppressed" sexual minorities.

I heard about the Andersson case somewhere. Gotta give the guy chutzpah points for literally making jacking off his doctoral dissertation, to say nothing of publishing it. I suppose pederastic wanking practices are a topic as worthy of study as any other, but he really should have interviewed a representative sample of shota-kon types if he wanted his results to be taken seriously.

Ricko: Thanks for the posts, as always. I guess it's a sign of the times when even vegetables are sexual and roadside assistance has the IQ of vegetables. Religious leaders sponging off their sheep has long been a norm, but that guy was over-the-top in being so blatant.

Mike: Most people are pretty squeamish about actual mutilation. But I guess if you get angry enough.....

22 August, 2022 01:30  
Anonymous NickM said...

Yes, it is odd. I find especially odd that we go in very short order from the gay movement's big causes being marriage and adoption rights to - basically establishing homosexuality as normal to truly weird shit like that. I do have a feory. Laters for that...

Is it a justifiable area of research? Call me an old STEM-type fogey but my (abandoned for various reasons I won't go into here) PhD was, "The transition from deflagration to detonation in type Ia Supernovae" which I somehow think was of more academic merit than wanking over dodgy Japanese kiddie porn. I suppose I'm just not down with the kids anymore.

22 August, 2022 03:00  
Blogger Daal said...

interesting about the chimps! go 80-y-o feminists, go mamas, & go sons who appreciate them! I like when blogs at least have an image on their banner - helps to put me in the right frame of mind to read what the blogger has to say. thank you for including my post here!

22 August, 2022 16:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: I don't think it's really the gay movement promoting pedophilia and trans ideology and animal-shagging, though there may be a few individual activists involved in both. It's more that the gay movement has been very successful in winning acceptance and equality quickly, and so now these other movements are trying to piggyback onto it and claim to be part of the same overall "community". That's why I never use the LGBTQI+XYZWTF etc acronym -- it's "force-teaming", as they call it, joining things together which are actually different and even antithetical to each other.

Supernovae are white supremacist (especially with a Latin plural). Wanking over comic books is more diverse and inclusive. Or something.

Daal: It's amazing how similar chimpanzees are to humans, the more we learn about them.

I always find that an image or two enhances a post, though I couldn't really say why in most cases. Jack apparently has a blogging host that makes it onerously difficult to add images to a post.

22 August, 2022 19:04  
Blogger Tommykey said...

I commented on that Twitter thread about Kari Lake that Idiocracy turned out to be prophetic.

23 August, 2022 19:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Remember those innocent days when we thought Dan Quayle was as bad as it could get?

24 August, 2022 01:23  
Blogger Martha said...

Amazing round-up! Quite an interesting assortment. I can't believe anyone running for office would be making a speech about BDE...and telling people who don't know what it is to ask their kids about it. Just when you think you've heard as much craziness and stupidity as you thought there is out there...

25 August, 2022 05:20  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I thought Republicans were against talking to kids about vulgarities.

Rubio joking about Trump's dick size back in 2016 touched off something of a race to the bottom.

25 August, 2022 06:14  

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