02 March 2018

Videos of the day -- the joy of mockery

One of the best weapons for dealing with pompous, self-important, and humorless enemies is mockery.  Like the Wizard of Oz, much of their power depends on a fa├žade of gravitas, solemnity, and even sanctity with which they hypnotize us into ignoring the shabby and manipulative little men behind the curtain they really are.  Wherever the enemy is firmly entrenched in power, they use threats such as blasphemy laws to take the weapon of mockery away from us, because the bare substance of their ideology is so shoddy and rickety that the barest breath of a snicker could shake it to its foundations.  Ridicule is poison to the ridiculous.  And to free minds, it's a revivifying breath of fresh air, the true opposite of groveling to the enemy's arrogance, an affirmation that we reject any supposed duty to "respect" the inherently absurd.

I've posted a few video examples earlier, such as this and this.  Here are some more:

Monty Python does religious law:

(At that time, speaking the name "Jehovah" aloud was considered blasphemy.)

North Korea:

(If Trump holds his own parade, just imagine the possibilities.)

Story time, with an old folk tale (slightly NSFW):

And an old favorite, for anyone who hasn't seen it:


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