11 September 2011

Link round-up for 11 September 2011

God answers Perry.

Japan is awesome!

I've heard of flying fish, but.....

Murr Brewster takes a droll look at the constraints on Obama.

No one would mess with a Snape GPS.

Gee, and our firemen just rescue cats from trees.

Here's a flow-chart to help you choose a Republican candidate.

Does your Facebook photo provoke lust?

Fairies and aliens: different eras' interpretations of the same mental phenomena.

Watch out for this phone computer scam.

Here's another cool thing about Portland -- literary-themed bars (sent by Mendip).

An underground mini-library challenges a private school's banned-books list (found via Preliator pro Causa).

How many women meet the standard for Biblical marriage?

Here's an honest bumper sticker.

Norbrook has good reasons for avoiding social media.

Sacrilege! Orson Scott Card is re-writing Shakespeare. More here.

Huntsman can't be the Republican nominee -- he's reality-based.

If Perry is the nominee, the "anti-science" party label will stick.

Here's more on the Perry-Paul kerfluffle at the debate.

There are differences in methods among the theocrats, though the goal is the same.

Tennessee students face suspension for trying to start a gay- straight alliance group (found via Right Wing Watch).

Polls suggest North Carolina voters may reject a gay-marriage ban.

Dan Savage has a question for the Republican candidates.

Obama's jobs speech drew a huge audience.

Andrew Sullivan live-blogged the speech, and has a round-up of reactions.

Before the speech, Obama was preparing plan B.

Fundies don't understand how free expression works.

Stonekettle Station looks at work in the good old days.

Dissenting Justice challenges readers to name even one advanced nation that follows the teabagger model.

Perry's anti-intellectualism should be of concern to Christians.

If you haven't already, read Mike Lofgren's devastating insider view of the Republican party.

Keep talking about Cameron Todd Willingham.

Government spending cuts have made unemployment worse (well, duh).

Yikes, there are fags in the Justice Department (found via Parsley's Pics).

Erskine College in South Carolina drives out a man of integrity.

Joseph Cannon looks at sexual rumors surrounding Perry.

Listen for these code phrases from the Republicans (found via Republic of Gilead).

The Air Force has suspended its religious indoctrination "training", and not everybody's happy.

Joan Ruaiz reminds us what's at stake if Obama loses. Booman has more; here's a British view.

What would Dominionists do with gays?

Politics will re-align when the elderly understand their own interests better.

Business owners say taxes and regulations aren't what's holding up hiring.

Dysfunctional government provokes threats of revolt. More here.

Psychology may help us spot lone-wolf terrorists like Breivik before they strike. Read this too.

A few necessary reminders: The US was not founded as a Christian nation.

Some good news: American Muslims are much more moderate than other Muslim populations.

Francis Schaeffer, a co-founder of the modern Christian Right and major influence on Bachmann, counseled treason.

Texas is burning, as the drought becomes a test case of the power of prayer. Cutting fire departments can't have helped either.

No, religion is not necessary for morality (found via Acme's Buddhist Catalog); illustration here.

Fox crudely misquotes Hoffa to fabricate a threat of violence. Hoffa isn't concerned.

Mature Landscaping looks at the Obama-bashing left (this posting inspired a comment which I expanded into my own posting this week).

To inrease employment, we need to make it our central national goal.

Massachusetts and Texas are poles apart in health coverage.

George Packer thinks the Republicans will sabotage Obama's jobs plan, while still trying to blame him for the resulting failure.

Larry Sabato takes an early look at the Electoral College.

There's politics behind the Postal Service's money problems.

Perry's long soft-on-illegal-aliens record illustrates a difference between him and Romney on wages.

If you listen carefully, Obama has changed the subject.

Federal judge Sam Sparks slaps down theocratic meddling in Texas.

Italian workers stage an anti-austerity general strike.

Investors don't believe the EU bail-out of Greece will work.

Syria seems to be heading for a civil war that could be bloodier than Libya's.

Life-long captives see daylight for the first time.

Dolphin communications have some properties in common with human speech.

In the US, this was the second-hottest summer since record- keeping began.

Lady Atheist collects some examples of evolution in action, and an elegant case of speciation (I wrote about the same case, from a different viewpoint, here).

British researchers are testing technology to fight global warming.

Guanfacine may help rejuvenate aging brains -- and it's already approved for use on humans (as an ingredient in another medication).

Michael Anissimov looks at transhumanism as a transitional movement.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just wanted to tell you Thanx for the round up Infodell, I was going through them yesterday and today in bit's and piece's, but hadnt commented yet, however, I noticed a few Texas piece's as well, that were interest to me. I still havent kept up much with the politic's or Perry for that matter,I wouldnt even vote for that guy if I was a voting republican actually. What folk's see in this guy is confusing.

12 September, 2011 12:08  

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