28 August 2011

Link round-up for 28 August 2011

See more funny responses to bad spelling (found via Mendip).

Trees like to have fun too.

A shout from the old gods?

It's time to organize your cats.

Adventures in Nerdliness looks at Nina Hagen.

These rocks rock, or hopefully not (found via Mendip).

Uninstalling, please wait.

The spirit of Christine O'Donnell lives on.

"I was about to ask you the same question."

Dudley the beagle has one heck of a strong stomach.

Take a look at God's Facebook page.

I wonder what's the real story behind the Vashon island bike tree.

Donald Trump is being stupid again.

Bigoted rabbi Yehuda Levin should debate Islamotard Kazem Sadeghi on the cause of earthquakes.

Obama is a demon, Boehner is a Marxist, blah blah blah.....

The Daily Kos gets some weird hate mail.

Conditions change at the border (found via Brains and Eggs).

Pentecostals pester peaceful post-prayer patrons at Piccadilly.

Samuel Whittemore was a tough guy.

Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat is a tough guy.

Stop talking nonsense about the Postal Service.

Progressive Eruptions looks at "the strident clamor of bad people" over Norman Rockwell in the White House.

Out in "mega-church land", bigotry is getting more dangerous.

For victims of the BP oil disaster, justice grinds slowly forward.

People fight over stupid crap.

Parsley's Pics launches a new feature, the (possibly) weekly Right Wing Review.

Celebrate 91 years of women voting in the US.

Schools may not be doing much to protect gay kids from bullying, but rapists apparently fare much better.

Good grief, has NRO really come to this?

We need to keep talking about Cameron Todd Willingham.

I wonder if Bachmann will have anything to say about this recent expression of traditional values in her own home town (found via Ehrensteinland).

An Andrew Sullivan reader describes the terrible harm done by conservative myths about poverty.

Richard Dawkins offers some straight talk on Perry, and the usual pearl-clutchers rush to their fainting couches.

FiveThirtyEight's handy graphics will help you keep track of the Republican Presidential candidates (and potential candidates).

The New Apostolic Reformation claims to not want a theocracy, but the details are far from reassuring.

Hmm, Mall-Wart is in trouble (found via What Would Jack Do).

Perry has shaken up the Republican field, but there's reason to expect a backlash from the right against him.

A worthless cyberbully has silenced a valuable blogger, with the help of a cowardly employer. PZ Myers has some choice words.

If you're inclining toward Ron Paul, you need to read this (found via Angry Black Lady).

Religious crazies are pretty much alike, regardless of the religion.

What if Reagan were running for President today?

Eclectablog explains why he's moved on from Firedoglake.

There's more fueling the rapid growth of atheism than merely the ugliness of fundamentalism.

On closer analysis, 2012 doesn't look promising for Republicans.

Another crazed bigot surfaces in a Florida school (found via Republic of Gilead).

The VA respects the religious preferences of soldiers' families at their funerals -- and some Texas legislators don't like it.

How dangerous would a Ron Paul Presidency be?

I really hope the libertarians try to make this work -- it should be hilarious.

We need more commentators to be this blunt about Republican hypocrisy on taxes.

Texas did come through the recession better than most states, and a big part of the reason is that it didn't join the mania for housing- finance deregulation. And as for Texas's impressive job growth, it consists mostly of government jobs.

Conservatism seems to be partly rooted in an ugly nostalgia.

The Texas State Board of Education completes its victory over creationism, but the need for vigilance remains. Meanwhile, a Rhode Island community college peddles bullcrap.

Stonekettle Station has a must-read post about second-guessing the military.

Some Christian Right leaders are now claiming Dominionism is a myth; they are liars. More on Dominionism here.

Jack Jodell has more on the patriotic millionaires.

France has wealthy patriots too.

A heavily-armed right-wing extremist is arrested in Norway.

The Iranian theocracy's stance toward Israel remains the same.

An anti-Israel "million man march" in Cairo flops, drawing only a few hundred.

The Wikileaks cables reveal global hypocrisy and ignorance toward the sex industry.

Like many such phenomena, hurricane Irene is over-hyped.

The frequency of twin births in the US has risen dramatically, especially among the affluent and educated.

Being bilingual is good for your brain.

What's really cool, magenta-colored, and only 75 times as massive as Jupiter?

This is a place we don't need any more.

A new discovery may simplify the fight against Alzheimer's.


Blogger Ahab said...

- Tree sex!? It's an abomination!

- Those organized cats were EXTREMELY patient.

- If you like balanced stones, check out the natural artwork of Andy Goldworthy.

- God's Facebook page was sheer brilliance.

- The incident at the Springfield school was evil. I have no other words for it. The school should have protected the victim, not humiliated her and left her vulnerable to another attack.

28 August, 2011 08:47  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: Maybe we'll see preachy twits waving Bibles and/or condoms at the trees.

The cats must have been either well bribed with fish, or plotting something.

At least now the school is being sued. I hope the responsible parties get what's coming to them, including nationwide exposure of their behavior.

28 August, 2011 09:10  
Blogger Twilight said...

Super collection of links there Infidel!
Not being on the dreaded Facebook myself I enjoyed the God Page and the collection of obnoxious critics waiting to jump on hapless sticky fingered, or simply bad, bad spellers.

I could've saved myself hours of trawling this week and just visited your excellent blog instead - might try doing that next week!

Thanks for the entertainment and information.

28 August, 2011 11:43  

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