21 August 2011

Link round-up for 21 August 2011

Here's Cthulhu art fit for a church (found via Mendip).

Here's an awesome take-down of the Ron Paul cult.

Wearing pants is the root of all evil, apparently.

Not even God wanted to hear the old monster's blather.

Blonde Nonbeliever defines the O'Reilly argument -- and finds examples everywhere.

An innocent family man falls prey to the blimp terror (found via Mendip).

This may be the dumbest example of Bible-based "science" I've ever seen (found via Blonde Nonbeliever).

Tuscan friars aren't very forgiving of Bible thieves (found via Mendip).

Also, the Aztecs, the Ostrogoths, and Babylonia.

Maybe they should nominate the cobra.

Hysterical Raisins looks at The Picture of Rick Scott.

Madonna is 53 and doing well.

Amanda Marcotte takes a sober look at "market" theories of sexuality.

Speaking of things there's a market for.....

Let's go digging through the history of the Christian Right.

"Mabus" is arrested, at last.

HRC looks at Perry's anti-gay record. Dissenting Justice looks at his plans for the Constitution (more on his bizarre ideas here, class warfare here). There are issues with his jobs record (more here). Peter Fegan sees him as the new Reagan; Kevin Drum thinks he can't win. His Bernanke gaffe is already causing concern among Republicans. And the ghost of Cameron Todd Willingham still haunts. More Perry links here.

Texas Freedom Network has an overview of Perry's culture-war record.

Don't underestimate Perry -- or Bachmann either.

Frum hopes Republicans learn these lessons from Palin.

Religion is declining among women.

Even Republican economists agree: austerity-mania won't help with job growth or deficit reduction.

A former member exposes the Tea Party as a Trojan horse for theocracy.

Here's one group more unpopular than atheists.

Yes, this is extremism.

Standing up to bullies can be difficult.

Think unions have too much political influence? In 2010, political contributions by all unions combined were less than those by Karl Rove's PAC alone.

Alex Pareene looks at Republican candidates and science. Noah Kristula-Green wants evolution to be a topic in the Republican debates.

As Huntsman has little chance to win the Republican nomination, he's free to adopt the role of truth-teller. More here. One blogger thinks he has a chance.

Teabagger brinkmanship provokes a mass public backlash.

Nance Greggs has a message for the radical left. More here.

If you don't like Obama, how bad would the Republican candidate have to be to get you to vote for him?

"Patriotic millionaires" talk sense to the Republican party.

Budget-cutting mania now threatens veterans' retirements (found via Jobsanger).

Texas education has fended off the creationists, but faces another damaging influence -- football.

Bachmann seems hesitant about clarifying her bigotry (found via What Would Jack Do).

Here's much more on Bachmann and her Dominionist inclinations.

Ranch Chimp looks at the West Memphis 3, with a follow-up.

Ideology and religion make it harder for rural Texas to cope with drought (found via What Would Jack Do).

The return of otters throughout England shows the success of the environmental clean-up.

Christopher Hitchens looks at British violence.

Britain can learn from Glasgow's successful anti-violence program.

Bigots rally in Australia, but a majority of Christians there now support gay marriage (found via Republic of Gilead).

In Scotland, support is at almost two-thirds.

Despite the predictable barrage of negative media spin, Strauss- Kahn's accuser retains credibility.

Europeans: march for sanity.

Beck goes to Israel, and sounds just as stupid as ever (found via Republic of Gilead).

A wedding in Cuba shows how attitudes there are changing.

Top Russian officials support a tunnel linking the US and Russia.

Muslim blogger Wajahat Ali looks at the annoyances of Ramadan.

Egyptian parties form a secular political alliance to resist Islamist pressures on their country's emerging democracy.

Libyan rebels score more military successes, closing in on Tripoli itself, where protests have erupted and face brutal repression. Some declare the beginning of the end for Qaddhafi.

Despite repression, the uprising in Syria just keeps growing.

Tim McGaha looks at an almost-forgotten French air crash.

Intelligence doesn't mean you can't be fooled.

IBM's new chip emulates the structure of the brain (though the chip has up to 262,144 synapses, while the human brain has about 100 trillion).

The big human brain brings great benefits but at great metabolic cost.

There's a new breakthrough in birth control, though so far only for animals (found via Uzza).


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

That's a huge number of links to get through, and I intend to do so. But I did pause at the "lusty women in pants" article, and immediately, this came to mind.

21 August, 2011 08:08  
Blogger Nance said...

My friend Octo at Swash Zone would love those Cluthu stained glass pieces...must pass it on to him.

And, of course, I had to read Nance Rants. She can speak for me on this post and even use my name (which actually is spelled Nance and pronounced that way; it was my mother's maiden name and she made it my first name).

And the Water on Mars? Did I read that last sentence right? "The objects that did the bombardment came from one event that threw vast quantities of water, rock and mud into space. That event was the Great Flood. That’s why the water is salty." Jeebus, save us.

21 August, 2011 09:08  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just got back to going through some more of these Infodell and Thank You for the selection to browse ....

21 August, 2011 16:36  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Couple thing's I'd like to say about Rick Perry if I may, I done a lil ole posting on him and may do more, if his popularity seem's to get too strong. But reading some of the folk's here and other blog's on their thought's about ole Rick is a lil different than my thinking about the Guy ... I know how he must look to folk's on the left, but he's not really a scary Guy, as a matter of fact, he's a real easy goin ole country boy type, he still carries them old school rural belief's he was raised with and value's, from back in Paint Shop or whatever that county line community is called he come's from, frankly George Wallace was extreme than him, in a wheelchair at that, Hell ... I knew of alot of rural Texas boyz and galz even like Rick. Nor does Rick's sudden rise to the pulpit bother me, I never gave a rat's ass what anyone see's, vision's, or worship's, I dont have time in my life for rubbish like religion, and I tell that to these type's straight from the get- go here in Texas, so we dont waste each other's time ... Jesus? dont give a shit about him either.

However, what my issue is with ole Rick ... is his trust not in Jesus, but in corporate communism ... if folk's think that Obama has been too easy going with the Republican majority in Congress for instance ... ya'll aint seen nothin yet, or even GW Bush ... to Rick ... the true way of capitalism and freedom is to actually shrink gvmnt to the point of no existence if he could (similar to what he done in Texas, if it werent for the left fighting him here, we wouldnt have a snowball's chance in Hell) he see's what I call in my series the "Privatization of America" as the only way to free this country from all the hardship's he believe's this country is in. The thing is, if he was in Washington, being more politically savvy than GW Bush, he would immediately sign, using his executive power's anything that doesnt cater to corporate interest's, he see's them as the Saviour, period. Taxes and gvmnt sponsored social programme's of any kind, he cant stand, he believe's in true rugged individualism, not like Bush, Bush was a candy ass compared to this Guy, if you cant make it on your own, your not worthy to be American almost (unless your handicapped or born defective, etc). He will also try to do another corporate sponsored agenda even worse, and that is to try to not only privatize the entire country (their already trying to do this, and not just America, but's it's gridlocked here, he would ungridlock it given the power to do so) but to especially convert all state's into more of their own power's, in the end result, you would be able to call this the "Divided States of America" basically. The more divided we are state to state, the more broke we are, to have to auction off all our gvmnt service's and building's to the highest bidder, and the more in debt and in struggle we are, the more freedom those who are not in the upper echelon's lose, which in a country of over 300 million is damn near all, and the less true voice anyone has left. His mission is the same as the other's mission's in his pack, to let the largest shareholder's dictate, and to bring down American's to a level he feel's they belong at from overstuffing themselves off of gvmnt handout's and sloth for year's ... and that's a lil higher than the Chinese and Indian's and to raise their standard of living a lil higher ,to make all major countries peoples more equal, class wise, and make them our next competitor's in a gladiator arena of the future where only the strong will eat, and the rest will be under control of the faith based social service's, and/or perish. I know many folk's may look at what I say as even looney as well, so I'll just leave it at that.

21 August, 2011 17:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

SK: Wear pants, the fogies aren't happy. Take 'em off, the fogies aren't happy.

Nance: I don't think it's possible to "read that right".

RC: The problem with theocrats is that even if you don't "give a rat's ass" about religion, they do care -- about forcing you to conform to it. That's why they need to be kept out of power.

22 August, 2011 03:19  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

I'm soooo stressed, the only thing of true comfort I found in the wrap-up was that Madonna still looks HOT at 53! ;sigh]

22 August, 2011 17:24  

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