24 August 2011

Video of the week -- no Asians thank you

This has been around for a while, but still makes me laugh. If you have trouble understanding the guy's accent, you're not alone.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I didnt have any difficulty understanding the accent or whatever, but after the finale of it, I did get a laugh out of it, being what the storyline was. Hey Infodell, funny short story here if I may (well, at least for me it was). Several months ago in a rural area of SW Texas ... I was in a grocery market, this guy and his wife (about my age) were fussing (in a fun way) over some item in the store ... he look's at me and sayz something like "Dang women, you cant live with them or without them, eh pardna? ..." ... then he asked me, if I was "married"? ... I sware Guy, I didnt know WTF he was asking me with his draw/ accent, ... and at least 3X times, I asked him "What ...?" .... he kept responding with what sounded like "R you may ...?" ... finally his wife jumped in laughing, cause I was so confused and told me ... he's trying to ask you if your married? ... I laughed too, and said ... "Oh ... yeah, I am" : )

24 August, 2011 19:53  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

Years ago I recall a hoopla over at the a Summer Olympics where it had been reported that the Korean team members had been cooking snakes in their room.

Turns out they meant "snacks".

24 August, 2011 20:18  

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