10 June 2011

Quote for the day -- if you have to go

"So I rise from the not-quite-dead-yet, but having taken one step down that path, and I can tell you that as the darkness descends, there will be no gods or angels rising to judge you. You'll be alone, no matter how crowded the room, and the only judge you'll face is yourself. There will be no authority looking over your shoulder and telling you whether your life was worthy or wasted, and if there were, its opinion would be irrelevant — all that will matter is that you can look back and find happiness and accomplishment. We live our lives for our life's sake, rather than for illusions about rewards and satisfaction after we're dead."

PZ Myers


Blogger Nance said...

Hoo-Yah! And we need not wax metaphorical or mystical or spiritual or, Universe forbid, religious to make this happen. It happens all by itself with no mind-wringing on our parts. One less thing to worry about, but it's a very, very big thing.

10 June, 2011 06:13  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

I find far more comfort in accepting the finality of life than in the unsettling prospect of my consciousness continuing for eternity is a supposedly "perfect" world.

10 June, 2011 09:35  
Anonymous Sherry Peyton said...

LOL...well I disagree, but no matter, I liked the quote fine. I waxed a bit on it at my place. :P

10 June, 2011 10:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nance: Definitely one less thing to worry about. The thought of being judged by the petty and vicious God of the Bible is terrifying.

RtS: I do have a different, but non-religious, take on it. Living forever in an ever-changing world, in full control of my own life, would be quite different from a stagnant and tyrannical Heaven.

SP: Wait and see:-)

10 June, 2011 18:47  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I read Meyer's entire retelling of his near-death experience. Astonishingly honest and at the same time comforting.

I think about death and do not fear it. I do feel sad about not being around to see more wonderous changes in technology, medicine, and, it is hoped, positive human behavior.

Since renouncing religion, I have felt more comfort in knowing that what happens as I live now is what is important, and I'm happy to not have to bother about some imaginary afterlife and all the nonsensical rules for getting there.

Great post. Thanks.

10 June, 2011 19:45  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Myers is nothing if not honest -- and it's really sad to think of all the people warping their lives in conformity to religious taboos, for the sake reaching a Heaven that doesn't exist.

11 June, 2011 03:55  

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