18 December 2010

Link round-up for 18 December 2010

Meet Dragan Stevic, fearless shark hunter (found via Mendip).

An Ohio man sees an image of Jesus and Mary in a piece of candy (sent by Ranch Chimp) -- hmm, to me it looks more like an image of Winona Ryder shoplifting a piece of toast.

It's not a lifestyle choice -- it's genetic.

Even with aliens, turnabout is fair.

Dai Haifei built his dream home -- but Beijing authorities have scrambled his plans (found via Mendip).

Pompous fascist thugs and sexual puritans are easily rattled.

Murr Brewster doesn't much care for the idea of post-mortem religious conversion.

Pastor Wiley Drake and his crack team of prayer warriors are watching over the Senate.

British shipbuilders respect tradition perhaps a bit too much (found via Mendip).

World War II in the Pacific was a religious war (found via Uzza -- check out her profile). Uzza also looks at the hilariously fake Mormon history of North America.

Greg Bean looks at Palin's hunting style (found via A Feather Adrift). Hysterical Raisins has, as usual, a funnier view.

Paranoid fantasies of a war on Christmas are nothing new.

Liberation comes when you realize that what you have been told throughout your life is a lie. The journey can be painful, but it is worthwhile.

Christianity among most teenagers isn't what it seems.

God is on the wane as a topic in books.

Ranch Chimp takes a look at my home city.

Gut feeling doesn't prove anything.

Teabagger influence on Republican primaries saved Democrats' Senate majority this year -- and could do so again in 2012.

The American people support the Obama compromise on taxes and unemployment benefits, 59% to 36%. The supposed liberal backlash against Obama over the deal is small-scale.

Frank Schaeffer points out that institutional Christianity is in no position to denounce sexual sin among gays.

We're lucky that Obama, and earlier Presidents, didn't act as the ideological purists demand. But the Republicans have far worse problems with their own ideological purists.

Christopher Hitchens turns his keen eye on the teabaggers.

NOM wants to dictate who can use an image older than humanity.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Fox viewers are less well- informed than other people. Frum Forum looks at an example.

Chrys Stevenson looks at the Christian take-over of Christmas (found via Russell Blackford).

Religion may work by appealing to the same brain quirks as bad movies do.

Sweden's recent first-ever suicide-bomb attack was the result of another stupid hissy-fit over cartoons (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Americans must continue to learn foreign languages -- just not the same ones as in the past.

Thugs in South Africa "cure" lesbians with "corrective rape".

Ukraine will open the Chernobyl disaster site to tourists (found via Mendip).

Indonesia's religious pluralism doesn't include everyone.

In the midst of sectarian fanaticism, an Iraqi police officer died as a true hero.

After a nuclear explosion, the most important thing to do is avoid the fallout.

Why bother to go on living?

When getting information from the internet, consider the source.

Here's an overview of important themes in current anti-aging research.


Blogger Ahab said...

Frank Schaeffer never disappoints. I always enjoy reading his commentary on religion.

18 December, 2010 06:46  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Ranchero Greeting's Infodel!

Just a few comment's while my hair is drying then off to work (yeah, I have long hair now, not like in my pic, and wont use hair dryer's). Lot's of decent "religio" funnies too! :)

I loved the YouTube video on gay scientist's trying to isolate christian gene ... that was great, I couldnt stop laughing! :)

Great piece by Greg Bean/ Sentinel .. because I was wanting to see someone post something like that! I was so sick of hearing all bloody week in MSM about Palin's new adventure/ action show!

Thanx for the NBC/ WSJ poll on the approval of the tax deal ... that ... I didnt expect at all from a poll with all the stuff I was reading. I was one of course who jumped in agreement with the President the minute he announced it and I reviewed it .. I posted on it with reason's for agreeing, etc., even though I am sure many democrat's could read what I posted and call me more of a pussy than the President. Thanx

Gotic Atheist YouTube video of Leather Strip ... bring's back ole memories! :)

"Plead Ignorance" piece on "Truth, Lies, and the Internet" was worth the read for someone like me, cause I am really slow on online shit, I'm more of an "in person" type feller I reckon ... and too much shit online I am afraid to trust ... so much look's and sound's so professional on so much, well grammar, educated, great grafhic's, etc ... I dont know sometime's what the Hell to believe or not frankly.

Ukraine to open Chernobyl? (via Mendip) ... I mean .. I'm sure it's all checked out and probably safer than the smog in the LA Basin ... but I would still feel hesitant of a visit ... yep ... you can call me a pussy again ... until I see more.

As Ronald MacDonald said ... "I shall return ..." that was Ronald "Mac"Donald wasnt it? (just kiddin). Have a good un Guy. Weather here is nice, sunny, very dry, high about 52 or so ... got a long drive ahead of me, so better than fighting snow!

18 December, 2010 09:16  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

I found a site once pointing out all the fallacies in the "Book of Mormon", like talking about the Nephits harvesting crops such as barley and wheat which were not in existence before they were brought to North America by Europeans.

I wonder how many devout Mormons just give a tacit "yeah, whatever..." to their founder's loony revelations and are just in it for the fellowship and free haircuts.

18 December, 2010 13:10  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: I've long recommended his book, Crazy for God, for an inside look at the Christian Right.

RC: Too few guys have long hair these days (though ZJ certainly helps make up for it).

I hadn't paid much attention to Palin's TV antics until I just now started hearing about her lousy gun-handling skills -- somebody said she accidentally shot a cow or something.

That tax/unemployment deal seems to have tipped some of my fellow liberal bloggers into a state of near-hysteria. Let's hope it's over quickly.

RtS: Good point. Even if the alphabet and iron tools could vanish without a trace, eastern-hemisphere crops would certainly still be around if they'd been introduced to pre-Columbian North America.

18 December, 2010 13:48  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

i love your round-ups, infidel. thanks for including the raisin.

18 December, 2010 21:58  
Blogger Ahab said...

Infidel753 -- I enjoyed his book PATIENCE WITH GOD, which I found sensitive and insightful. I really need to read CRAZY FOR GOD one of these days.

19 December, 2010 09:24  

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