11 December 2010

Link round-up for 11 December 2010

A Danish pastor uses a mock execution to protest against Satanic influence on Christmas. He'd probably like these ornaments (found via Mendip).

Christine O'Donnell is still saying stupid things.

Fluorescent light bulbs come under attack from a dim bulb.

These snazzy tables would liven up any living room (found via Mendip).

A cartoon sums up selective outrage.

Ireland's "Minister for Social Protection" (whatever the hell that is) wins the True Believer of the Month award for November.

PZ Myers pwns another dumb-ass e-mailer.

Bay of Fundie looks at Islamic swimsuits.

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer meets a tragic end in Virginia (sent by Mendip).

Is Charlie Brown a Christian?

British police ignore a chilling case of abduction.

Rival creationist groups bicker over who has the real Noah's ark (found via Republic of Gilead).

An Austrian man may have inadvertently discovered an effective mosque-abatement weapon (sent by Mendip).

Some residents of Brazos county, TX, think atheists don't belong in a Christmas parade (Elvis and tractors are apparently OK).

There's now a whites-only version of Facebook.

Jack Jodell posts the conclusion of his Progressive Manifesto.

Don't bother donating Harry Potter toys to the Salvation Army.

Banks inflict yet another torment on home-owners -- foreclosure errors.

People should be able to deal with the DMV without being forced to confront religious harassment.

Anti-jihadist hacker "The Jester" sets his sights on Wikileaks.

Republicans filibuster a bill to help 9/11 emergency workers (found via Ranch Chimp).

It's never quite the right time to do the right thing.

From a certain viewpoint, unbelievers are in the majority.

Some of the "progressive" reactions to the sex charges against Assange are disturbing.

The Christian Right is vetting Presidential candidates for 2012.

Fred Phelps's "God hates fags" church plans to picket the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards (more here).

Anti-abortion religious fanatics go on the warpath in Maryland.

Progressive Eruptions has a round-up of sober commentary on the tax/unemployment compromise; Rmuse looks at who gains from the left's attacks on Obama. Update: see also this item-by- item review of the deal (thanks TNLib for the link).

Mycue23 looks at the implications of a primary challenge to Obama.

"The vast majority of Muslims reject violence".....not exactly.

Ireland is being driven to ruin by the madness of applying austerity measures while unemployment is still high -- a policy forced upon it by the EU.

The trial of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is a crucial test for free speech and the fight for truth.

Mexican police kill a major drug gang leader.

The US oil industry hasn't gained much from the Iraq war -- but Halliburton has.

The growing Chinese presence in Africa provokes resentment.

Don't forget about Sakineh Ashtiani.

Liu Xiaobo is not the first Nobel prize winner to be barred from receiving the award by a tyrannical regime.

One of the world's smallest countries is under threat (found via Mendip).

Ideologists make fools of themselves when they try to pass judgment on science.

Science education scores a victory in Louisiana.

Chicago researchers are testing "anti-Nogo-A therapy" to repair stroke damage (in rats, so far), with good results -- more here.

Peter Thiel is holding a summit to encourage funding of life- extension research.


Blogger tnlib said...

Thanks for the link. I, of course, had read the pieces on Progressive Eruptions and they are all excellent. Another clear and concise, point-by-point - and without all the hysterics - look at the bill can be found at


I also enjoyed the view at Politicususa. My thoughts exactly.

And we always need to pause for a little humor which Christine O'Donnell so graciously and unwittingly provides.

11 December, 2010 06:27  
Blogger Murr Brewster said...

I'm looking forward to plowing through each and every one. I trust you.

11 December, 2010 22:13  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

TNLib: Thanks for the link -- I added it to the round-up.

I suspect O'Donnell will "unwillingly represent / a source of innocent merriment" for a very long time.

MB: Thanks. One link, at least, should look familiar.....

12 December, 2010 03:46  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Lone Star Greeting's Infodel!

You have quite a selection of religious funnies here ... but I been viewing your site here since I had a computer for a lil over 2.5 year's ... and you done quite a few link's exposing the hazzard's of religion, job well done. It's in a way sad ... that we have to have atheist's expose religion for what it truely is ... where it should be those believer's in God who should be exposing the truth instead.

I didnt know Joe Barton was on a campaign to trash florescent bulb's actually(Murr Brewster). I been using flourescent bulb's since they been on the market ... all lighting in my home has been flourescent for well over a few year's I reckon. I have heard some complaint's about them as far as not being powerful enough when first turned on or whatever ... they been great for me though, even last longer, and cheaper on utilities ... Oh well! I live in Texas ... and dont even hear about this stuff (I watch and listen WFAA and Dallas Morning News as far as mainstream news)... but I live in Dallas ... and Dallas has enough real news than focusing much with circle jerk project's like Barton. Or what some f'n Jesus freak's are argueing over in a bloody parade in some fucken hick town down in Brazos County. But it's enlightening and informative to keep updated, so at least I know what's around me.

That Konovalenko is really a great link addition to your list!

Salvation Army on toy donation's, that is one of the organization's top of my shitlist in Dallas, mostly for turning away Veteran's from a bunk for the night cause they didnt have $10 buck's. Another crooked organization ... if I was a kid again ... I'd probably rob their kettle's. :)

TPM on the DMV harrassment of a transgender, was a suprise ... being the Bay Area ... but ... like I said ... you can find these fruitloop freak's anywhere's. I'd sue the bitch ... for their measley paycheck's and let God provide for them.

Kick ass tables from Dark Roast via Mendip ... BTW ...Mendip has great taste too! :)

So they have an Aryan FaceBook now heh? (SPLC) ... good ... then they can stop BMB (bitchin, moanin, and bellyachin) over all the ethnic group's having their own organization's and such ... that's all they whine about constantly ... I talked to several Aryan member's, who do nothing but whine, whine, whine.

Thanx Guy ....

12 December, 2010 06:38  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Sorry ...I meant Joe Barton trashing regular old school light bulb's.

12 December, 2010 10:01  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

mostly for turning away Veteran's from a bunk for the night cause they didnt have $10 buck's. Another crooked organization ... if I was a kid again ... I'd probably rob their kettle's. :)

Rob their kettles, then give the cash to the vets so they'd have the lousy ten bucks for a night.....that would be real charity.

12 December, 2010 12:31  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

No .... geeeezzz ... I fucked up again ... it must be my bloody age! Barton WAS trashing flourescent bulb's as I came back to say ..... Jesus, Larry, and Harry!! (the same sex "Trinity" by the way)

Yes indeed, rob the kettle's and give it to the Vet's ... that'll work Guy!! :) Them goddamn Fred Phelps suit wearing mother fucker's!!

12 December, 2010 16:33  
Anonymous Robert the Skeptic said...

I love the "selective outrage" cartoon. One time a buddy sent me a photo of the capital mall completely devoid of any people. He titled it: "Islamic Peace Demonstration".

13 December, 2010 18:22  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Robert the Skeptic: I got one for you Robert ... how bout 2 bird's with one stone, heh? Islamic and Catholic Peace .... just Nuke fucken Mecca and Vatican City. :)

14 December, 2010 04:36  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just wanted to add .... another excellent link you posted that had me going was "Harry's Place" on "Protesting Death Penalty in Denmark" and AOL News on "Artist tortures Santa"! :)

I'll save the comment's on this ... since I know you know how I stand here.

and Thanx to Mendip as well

15 December, 2010 05:05  

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