10 October 2010

The Nazi-fetish Republican

Ohio Republican Rich Iott has a hopelessly-scrambled conception of European history.

Update: Commentary plus immortal illustrations here.


Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

How convenient that this whacko overlooks the davastation that Hitler caused. I really have a hard time dealing with this in a civilized manner. Good thing that I don't live in Ohio!

10 October, 2010 07:41  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I shudder to think of the reaction in eastern Europe if the voters go for this guy.

10 October, 2010 08:52  
Blogger Ahab said...


Bizarre. Insensitive. Most importantly, it shows complete disregard for the human suffering that Nazism caused. I second tnlib's comment.

10 October, 2010 09:11  
Blogger mommapolitico said...

His rationale that somebody has to play the bad guy is akin to the junior high response of "everybody's doing it." Not everyone is serving the public trust and expected to lead by example. And "father/son bonding"? Are you kidding me? They couldn't have joined Boy Scouts, or played golf? Not buying it for a minute...Thanks, Infidel, for getting this out there.

10 October, 2010 11:27  
Blogger Sue said...


10 October, 2010 12:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: People with a Nazi fetish do tend to dismiss the extreme brutality of the Nazis or talk about it in bloodless, abstract terms. It gets in the way of the fantasy.

MommaPolitico: He's frantically trying every excuse he can think of now that this has come out, hoping something will work. If he really understood the Nazis as the "bad guys", I doubt he would have joined a group which preposterously described them as fighting for "a new and free Europe".

Sue: Well, if the jackboot fits.....

10 October, 2010 14:34  
Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

Once the Rockets go up
Who cares where they come down

That's not my Department
Says Werner Von Braun

13 October, 2010 13:22  
Blogger magpie said...


precisely speaking:

People who dress up as one of the Nazi regime's most infamous units - among the worst in modern history - for fun, with the explicitly expressed view that this unit were "idealists" are pathetic malignant scum unfit for public office of any kind.

Mind you, that also describes the Nazis.

14 October, 2010 04:50  

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