09 October 2010

Link roundup for 9 October 2010

Religious kitsch reaches a new level with this snuggly crucifix.

Pastor "Steven" discovers the big wide world outside the bubble of sanctimony.

Republican Paul LePage is outraged at a non-existent "tax on bull semen" (maybe he thought they said "tax on bullshit", which would indeed have been a threat to the Republican party).

Check out Wim Delvoye's X-ray erotica.

O'Donnell's "I am you" ad raises a question.

Democrats want to de-fund a failed government program.

There is a war on Christmas, and Christians are waging it.

NOM's "Vota tus valores" bus tour sputters to the finish line.

Joe the Plumber has taken up a new cause: supporting cruelty against adorable puppies.

John Mellencamp doesn't want NOM using his music any more than Peter Yarrow did.

Hillary as VP for 2012? It's on the table.

Attitudes toward gay marriage and DADT have improved greatly in just the last year; views correlate most strongly with age and party affiliation (being Republican is a strong proxy for being fervently religious).

Jim DeMint is confused about freedom of religion.

Women have a great deal to lose if the right wing regains power. Democrats are taking note.

How many more teenagers must die?

Here's more on the heavily Christian Right character of the Tea Party movement (found via Republic of Gilead).

Attention all teabaggers: the deficit is shrinking, and that's not a good thing.

The Cranick case offers a glimpse of what an all-privatized future might look like. Glenn Beck thinks it's no big deal.

ObamaCare is starting to take effect.

Three major California newspapers endorse Brown for governor.

Levi Strauss opposes Proposition 23.

Arch-teabagger David Koch is funding a Smithsonian exhibit on evolution -- but the anti-science agenda is still there.

The Beijing gangster-regime seems to be in a real snit over Liu Xiaobo's Nobel prize.

Hypocrites exploit sex workers for profit.

The BEattitude has more on that survey showing religious people to be ignorant about religion.

Ken Cuccinelli is still waging his crusade against science. He's not alone.

Susie Bright dissects the CraigsList sex-ad cave-in.

Israel has fired the chief scientist of its education ministry -- for being anti-science. Ireland should do the same.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Ranch Greeting's Infodel!

Nice lil round up here, and even quite a few laf's, just wanted to make a couple quickies before work!

And speaking of "quickies" my compliment's on the excellent art piece's called "X-Ray Love" Joseph Brett piece!

Didnt even know Mellencamp's song was used, or even heard any of the NOM song's before for that matter (Prop 8 Tracker) ... get on their ass John! :)

"Just a lil Common Sense" on the personal Jesus thing ... What a Racket! You can go to any goddamn Brujeria/ Botanica joint and get them damn thing's (crosses with VooDoo effigies hangin) for a couple buck's each! Geeeezzz! What a burn, dude!

Green Eagle on ole Plumber Joe ... I was wonderin the other day what happened to that ole SOB?

From the Left on Hillary for 2012, nothin against Joe ... but that'll work ... Geeezzz ... what a goddamn mess overseas and the bunch of character's she's had to deal with ... maybe this would be a break at least!

Politicus USA ... women under the GOP ... many in that "swing" mode better think about that ... and not just women ... this GOP is wound up like doll's by their puppet master's and out to tear America to shred's.

Think Progress on the burning home's ... what a damn shame, been following that ... I cant even believe Beck's response to that. Yes ... this mass privatization movement is not what these GOP folk's are programmed to think it is ... they are not even thinking about what the Hell their supporting their so goddamn pumped up.

Um, um, um imagine that!... those ole christian's are after ole Santa again, heh? They ought to attack the Nativity scene ... on the Isis/ Horus Egyptian myth thing, or perhap's the MistleToe and Celt's, Dionysis and the Greek's and sleigh's, or all the rest of the Pagan root's ... but ole Jolly Santa ... who like's lil kid's to sit on his lap? Geeeezzz ... even the Pope and Vatican would support that! :)

Later Guy ....

09 October, 2010 08:09  
Blogger mendip said...

Excellent links, and the "Pastor Stevens" exchange is a classic - thanks!

09 October, 2010 08:22  

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