31 October 2009

Link roundup for 31 October 2009

Sadly No takes a look at that nutty "sacred sperm" article I linked to in last weekend's roundup. (I noted some other implications of Catholic doctrine here.)

Jack Jodell has a collection of new scary monsters for Halloween. Religious nutters are just pushing the same old crap.

I do not want to be sitting next to this guy on a plane.

Discover the fascinating world of bat blowjobs.

This is just too weird. What were they thinking?

Something else I never knew even existed: steampunk Star Wars fashions (found via Mendip).

Ever wonder what people in church are really singing?

I'd be nervous driving this car past pictures of female whales. Might be like having your air bag go off by accident.

Pelosi's unveiling of the House health-reform bill brought a vast throng of teabaggers to the Capitol to protest.

Colbert pwns Lieberman. Jonathan Chait looks at his possible motives.

This stayed up on the Republican Facebook page for five days.

Franken knows his country.

Wal-Mart showcases a cross-section of humanity (for the 7th pic, captioned "with the wrong guy", I'd say he's with the wrong gal).

Georgia Republicans use a fake census letter to raise money.

The ACLU really does understand freedom of expression.

Illinois prosecutors are bullying students investigating mistaken convictions of innocent people.

I hope the cops in the next foreign country I visit are not doing what the Dallas police did. Mondragon, by the way, is the step-sister of a deceased Vietnam vet.

Megan McArdle looks at the economics of newspapers (read the comment by "rab", too).

Credit card issuers are evil (I'm canceling two more cards myself this weekend).

Blue Cross takes insurance-industry arrogance and cluelessness to new heights in North Carolina, and provokes a mass response.

Americans think it's more important that health reform include a public option than that it be bipartisan.

40% of Americans self-identify as conservative, but it's debatable what that means. Support for the crackpot-infested Republican party is lower than ever.

The economy has improved dramatically since Democrats took full control in January, though job growth lags as it always does.

The right wing favors state control over the individual. Helping people, not so much.

Randall Terry, who recently called on rightists to burn Reid and Pelosi in effigy, is a case study in Christian Right moral values. More on Christian morality here.

The public understands that Fox is a propaganda instrument in a way that the other networks are not (I'm curious about the 14% who call Fox "mostly liberal", though).

Newly-declassified British government files shed light on the character of Charles de Gaulle (found via Mendip).

Where are women most oppressed? The answer is no surprise.

I guess some people don't approve of talking about sex on TV.

This seems like an obvious case of Islamic child abuse (found via ManticoreWeb).

Jihadists have brutally murdered almost 4,000 people in Thailand over the last five years.

Islamic morality facilitates degrading sexual exploitation in Iraq and Afghanistan (both links sent by Ranch Chimp).

Annette looks at the rise of wind power in the United States.

Technology works against fascist regimes' efforts to limit internet access.

Scientists are making progress on spinal nerve regeneration.


Blogger mendip said...

Great set of links! Thanks much! It's interesting to note how silent much of the West is regarding the abuse of Women in islam. If a guy beating his wife is drinking a Coors and has his cigarettes rolled up in his t-shirt sleeve, the outcry is immediate from a variety of sectors. But if he's wearing a turban, the silence can be deafening.

31 October, 2009 07:52  
Blogger 50 said...

Unbelievable that that woman would wear a Nazi sweatshirt in public, Walmart or not! In general, I really get sick of seeing people out in public looking like they just rolled out of bed on their way to use the washroom! Where's their self-respect???

31 October, 2009 10:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mendip -- I hope the political correctness on that score is eroding. At least, I'm doing what I can to help erode it.

Zardoz -- Some of these people look worse than I think I do when I've just woken up. More like they've just dragged themselves out of the grave and are looking for brains (if so, a Mall-Wart is hardly the best place to look).

31 October, 2009 16:36  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Nice compilation Mr.Infidel

Mr.Mendip make's a good point in his comment concerning outcry on abuse in the west.Havent heard much about it...but it's one of them American hypocrisies I've noticed a long time myself.I am sure I dont have to point out those type's...their abundant in America.

SN ....God want's your sperm heh? Now I have to try to figure out if God is a woman or just a gay man?

Mr.Jodell's Halloween character's was a gruesome bunch...heh?

Politics Plus on the Teabag's and Teahag's ...I didnt even know they were still at it ... they'll be disappointed when they find out they missed that sale at WalMart!

Those piece's from Daily Dish and New Republic is something I been keeping up with actually...and was very curious this last week if Joe was bought? I was suprised to hear his position on HCR.

Zigar's post about the right posting on President Obama and the Fried Chicken. Weird that so many would connect fried chicken and even watermelon in many cases to a race of people even.I mean...many white American's love fried chicken and watermelon ... you can hardly find a barbeque gathering in any southern state or middle America ...of mostly all white folk's where you WONT find fried chicken or watermelon. I am one of the rare white's ...I still go into South Central Dallas and eat chitling's,gizzard's,hot link's,and sweet potato pie as well! I know it will kill me ...folk's been telling me now for about 35 year's how everything is going to kill me, I've died so many times...I done lost count.However...that pic of President Obama eating that chicken make's me want to go next door to Churches Chicken Shack, when I get off here! I also go to the Barrio(Mexicano)frequently to buy cow tongue taco's!

Tasty's WalMart photo collection was excellent! And yes ... bring's back many old memories of South Florida ...when I lived in Miami! A real treat on that post as well...was the opening song I got..."Anarchy UK" by the "Sex Pistols" ...one of my all time favourite's!!

That Huffington Post piece on burning the effigies of Reid and Pelosi ... aint that some kind of occult voodoo practice? And those are right winger's practicing that? I had no idea that the right wing was so much into occult practice's.

I still cant figure out that piece that I sent you of the video of Afghan MEN dressing up young boy's in drag to dance and play with? Is that not homosexuality practice? So that mean's they must not be muslim? Perhap's they are catholic priest's? Hell...I'm just an ole Texas boy tryin to pick up a lil education...that's all.No...we dont do that in Texas...we cornhole cattle instead ... and get a BIG MOOOOOOO! :)

Nice piece in Science Daily on chronic spinal cord injury research!

I'm fixin to pick up a box of that chicken!

Have a good un Guy.............

31 October, 2009 18:16  
Anonymous Chronic Spinal Cord Injury said...

thanx for good post.

03 November, 2009 08:28  
Anonymous Hugo Grinebiter said...

The guy with the geckos etc. on the plane: Take a look at the top picture. That explains the statue of Diana of the Ephesians, the one where the laity think she has a dozen tits, but the clerisy explain that they are bulls' balls. Both wrong, she was really smuggling lizards!

21 February, 2010 13:34  

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