25 January 2009

Link roundup for 25 January 2009

Nigerian police claim that a car thief tried to escape them by transforming himself into a goat. Don't laugh. They even have a picture of the goat.

Cool moving diagrams illustrate basic geometrical concepts.

The BBC has launched a Persian-language TV service.

Here's the earliest known photo of a bird-airplane collision.

New York's new Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, seems to be a true supporter of individual freedom -- she strongly favors both gun rights and abortion rights.

Sweden will legalize gay marriage in May of this year.

Apparently Gene Robinson's prayer at the inaugural wasn't aired by the MSM. It's here.

Bruce Bawer speaks out about the shameful persecution of Geert Wilders. (Don't forget to sign the petition).

Arab scholar Dr. Sami Alrabaa is a rare voice of sanity on Hamas and Saudi Arabia.

Here's a sensible open letter from an Israeli citizen to the people of Gaza (scroll down to 2:55 PM).

The EU's common currency, the euro, may have exacerbated the economic crisis for some European countries.

The price of faith: Three hundred children have died in the United States in the last 25 years because their parents rejected medical treatment on religious grounds.

Here's something you don't see on very many résumés: this man dissolved 300 bodies in acid for a Mexican drug gang. This police chief, though, met a different fate.

Here's a more optimistic view of that military report anticipating Mexico's collapse.

View 650 million years of continental drift in 80 seconds (found via Mendip).

Against timidity, for bold progress: the Order of Cosmic Engineers.

British researchers are starting human testing of a stem-cell-based treatment for macular degeneration.

Israeli scientists have plans for a nanotechnology-based weapon against cancer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the "Cool moving diagrams illustrate basic geometrical concepts," I was really interested in #2. I had no idea that a point on the inner circle would describe the diameter of the outer.

25 January, 2009 09:06  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Loved the "Continental Drift" video
...a fine piece of art in motion! The finale...imagine that! I can...

Israeli's nano-based weapon against cancer! Another reason why I would love to donate Texas land to them and establish New Israel here.Keeping them stationed in that pit-bull cage over there is awful. Move them out...and let the other's keep the region,kill each other to their heart's content...and all go to heaven,so they can get the hell away from us on earth!

The "Order of Cosmic Engineer's"?
it's about goddamn time! It's a tough job...but someone's got to do it by golly!(and will)

25 January, 2009 21:01  

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