17 March 2019

Link round-up for 17 March 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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How long are those unskippable ads getting these days?

It's time for Jesus!  And the opposition too.

Procrastinating Donkey presents one asshole and eleven funny animals.

Here's how a single washing can keep a mirror clean permanently.

Respected leader.....


Blogger Scottie really likes his new desk -- but so do these guys.  Hey, at least they catch mice.

The latest target of wingnut wrath is Girl Scout cookies.

Demons, demons everywhere!

Bad art indeed, unless this is in the White House.  And here's some absolutely godawful art that the current White House might even want.

You could always try praying.

Tumblr is still pulling this bullshit.  And the results are predictable.

The Catholic Church needs new thinking to deal with its priest shortage.

Here's the perfect bookmark for your Trump-signed Bible.

What does "the Ides of March" actually mean, anyway?

Maybe we can get rid of Daylight Savings Time at the state level.

Here's a job-quitting story to savor.

Fast-food restaurants go back a long way.

Don't let them steal our fun stuff.

Here's Trump's budget in one cartoon (found via Scottie).  Stephen Colbert goes into a bit more detail.

Blogger Shelldigger takes an in-depth look at internet trolls.

Maybe that person really does need a wheelchair.

Christianity these days is all about excluding and shunning people (some time ago, I posted about this point here).

This is what the anti-vaxxers' world looks like.

Know what freedom of religion means.

Professor Chaos is finding a lot of bullshit on Twitter.

The wingnut world-view is an Orwellian nightmare.

Maybe teenagers aren't future-oriented enough to vote.

You can't threaten me with something that doesn't exist.

This is not racism (found via Scottie).

He's never thought about the reasons (what an asshole).

Publishers need to learn to ignore mobs of idiots on Twitter.

Here's the kind of thing Planned Parenthood really does.

Someone else's taboos should not dictate the terms of your existence.

Kushner isn't remotely in the same league with this man.

The Catholic Church is morally blind and depraved.

There's no end to the wingnuts' lies and distortions.

Only religion could make a parent do this.

Steven Pinker is widely demonized by people who are wrong about things (I think it's because he brings so much data to prove they're wrong).

I'm for anything that could help abate the plague of noise that has made silence a rare treasure almost everywhere.

Here's one way we know that the megalodon shark is extinct.

See the three political-economic systems.

For Pi Day, Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses Einstein.

One country is an exception to the general economic sluggishness in Europe.

The issue of Catalonian independence isn't dead.

Russians find that stealing territory and becoming a pariah isn't the key to "national greatness" after all.

You may be surprised to learn which country has the world's highest proportion of female airline pilots.

After the murder of 49 Muslims in the recent terrorist attack in New Zealand, this jackass Australian Senator was rightly condemned by almost everyone for saying that the Muslims themselves are the problem.  Yet at a time when anti-Jewish violence is rising all over the world (religious fanatics are even firing missiles at Tel Aviv again), people who should know better are defending a jackass American legislator who spouts hoary old dog-whistles about insidious Jewish influence on our politics.

Katie Schwartz posts some forceful views on the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination, prompting considerable discussion.

Don't let the Republicans separate themselves from Trump. They've been creeps and thugs for decades.

Both-siderism just gets dumber and dumber.

Must-read political post of the week:  Trump is the champion of those who are tired of needing dog-whistles.

Shower Cap looks terrorism and the usual morass of wingnut lunacy.


Blogger Adam said...

As a liberal, I can't hate Muslims as a people without looking at each person by their own merit.

But as a non-theist, I sure can take a dump on the Quran.

17 March, 2019 07:10  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

My fave is the Porn Star Payoff Cheque bookmark!

17 March, 2019 09:30  
Blogger Ami said...

Lots of interesting stuff as usual. Thanks for doing the work for me. :)
Regarding the internet trolls. I went into 'why bother' mode a long time ago. I will say something on occasion, but I won't be drawn into a debate. I am not going to convince anyone to think my way, no matter what arguments I use. I'm usually not interested in having *my* mind changed, either.

The 'don't buy Girl Scout cookies' thing... what an idiot. Seriously. Because one of her political opponents was a child at one time and participated in a youth organization, we should punish the current crop of kids. Sure, that's logical. I spent 10 years as a Girl Scout leader. And in many ways I didn't like the way the organization was headed. Didn't mean that my girls weren't having a great time. If Jane is so worried about scoring political points that she's willing to shit on the youth of America, well, that says a lot about HER, now doesn't it?

17 March, 2019 14:05  
Blogger Ami said...

Oh and one more thing. I have two children with autism in my program right now. I also have a child who's on the spectrum. The noise-canceling ring would be wonderful inside the noise-blocking headphones. And I admit to wishing for more silence on occasion. Hope it's widely available really soon.

17 March, 2019 14:07  
Anonymous DJ said...

"who spouts hoary old dog-whistles about insidious Jewish influence on our politics."

Anyone who thinks Jews control things is an idiot anti-Semite and should be kicked out of Congress.

Anyone with half a brain knows it's the Chinese who really run things. Just ask anyone in Southeast Asia - the Chinks are draining everyone dry. Our President is Beijing's puppet. They also control the media. Just look at how many people see Japan's liberation of Manchukuo from the Chinese monsters as a war crime!

We see a lot of complaints about Israel trying to exterminate Muslims in the news media, but nothing about China's genocide of Muslims in Eastern Turkestan. The evil Chinese are targeting the Jews in order to deflect from their crimes.

The Chinese have produced no literary or philosophical works of any value; all they do is steal and kill. I should know because I graduated summa cum laude with a major in Chinese and a minor in philosophy. (I was admitted to graduate school, but had my offer of admission taken away on the grounds that I did not know any Chinese. I am a Phi Beta Kappa who took four years of Modern Chinese and one year of Classical Chinese. The admissions office was lying. Typical Chink conspiracy.

17 March, 2019 18:11  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Adam: That's pretty much my own view. Islam and Christianity are evil, but individual Muslims and Christians are individuals and not just examples of a religion.

Debra: It's such a good match.....

Ami: I have a lot of experience with trolls and meatspace troll-equivalents, and I've learned a lot about how to handle them.

The fundies seem to be really digging in with their shun-and-exclude mode. Eventually they'll decide almost everything is tainted in some way and must be cast out.

18 March, 2019 03:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

DJ: I hope that was meant as some kind of satire.

18 March, 2019 03:31  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Tumblr sanitized itself and now it's basically an empty shell. I don't even give them clicks.
Cheeto has been dog-whistling all his life. He's a white supremacist wet dream. Ugh.
You can measure Planned Parenthood value with the vitriol and lies the wingnuts use to talk about it.


19 March, 2019 03:42  
Blogger jenny_o said...

Thanks for the mention again - and I'm working my way through the links! They've been good so far :)

19 March, 2019 17:33  
Blogger Martha said...

It took me a few days to finish this post. Well worth it! Always fun (and sometimes alarming) stuff in these posts. Thanks!

20 March, 2019 18:48  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sixpence: It's a lot slower and duller than before. Several of the blogs I used to read have vanished or slowed way down.

Jenny & Martha: Glad my weekly explorations are providing some entertainment.....

21 March, 2019 04:30  

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