26 February 2019

Video of the day -- should we "colonize" the red states?

Obviously the problem of bringing red America into the modern world is more complex than this, but Maher's ideas are worth a listen.


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Amazippi," LOL

26 February, 2019 04:59  
Anonymous Professor Taboo said...

Hahahahaha!!! Rename Mississippi to... Amazippi! F*ckin' hilarious. Having lived there in Jackson though for almost 16-years, most will think that's a new ziplock bag from Dow Chemical or Hefty.

There's several OBVIOUS reasons why Mississippi has ranked 50th or 49th in most all social, economic, and educational federal censuses since pretty much Reconstruction after the end of the Civil War (1865) and white Southerns KEPT all three categories last for the general population.

I love Bill Maher. Miss not having HBO anymore. 😔

P.S. Are you fully recovered now Infidel?

26 February, 2019 05:21  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I have some problems with Bill Maher, but THAT would take a whole post. Now, on to the question of making red states violet. And I say violet because they’ll never be blue. We already have that in blue states: you drive one hour out of any big city and there’s the trumpanzees. They may use the money and jobs that get to them if Amazon builds a headquarter in their neck of the world, but their bigotry and resentment will not go away. They LIKE their ways. That resentment they feel for big city life allows them not to change. It’s more a cultural nostalgia, that feeling they had when white male culture was dominant. And that they cannot get. America has moved on. What Cheetolini has done is harden those cultural divides. That’s what made these people vote for him.
Goddess that was long.
Oh and if Bill Maher insults Target again, I’ll slap him.


26 February, 2019 05:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: I don't know what Amazon would do with Mississippi, but it would almost certainly be an improvement.

Professor: You lived in Mississippi? I'm having a little trouble picturing that. But I'm sure it ranks among the top states in some areas (maybe churchgoing and teenage pregnancy?).

I use Maher's videos here frequently. There's a lot of his material available on YouTube.

I'd say my hand is about 80% recovered, thanks. I can at least use it now, though I still can't exert much strength with it. I even managed to put in the full eight hours at work yesterday, though it wasn't easy.

26 February, 2019 05:58  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Early in the morning, but great to hear out ole Bill ... he alwayz makes me laugh my ass off (CSI Lubbock? {:-). Yes, I believe it is complex as you say, no doubt. But I'm one that will actually talk one on one with right leaning people, like when I go to cookouts in more rural areas here in Texas ... I get invited quite a bit, and most folks there, know where I stand. But it's interesting how many folks I talked to like this, actually start to think and question more, some of the things that I bring up to them, instead of just yelling at me or whatever. I think it is healthy, in my view, knowing how some of these folks are ... to show them, how maybe someone like Elizabeth Warren, is NOT trying to turn US into a communist country, as many are told in their circles or FOX News ... but to highlight, some of the most importante things to them, are in what folks like her are saying, it serves their families well too. Pointing out like the out of whack increasing corporatism, etc. Some folks you can get through to, I know for a fact, I have myself have done it ... just have to show them a little, and explaining on terms that they can understand, instead of trying to just put them down. Just my viewpoint on this.

26 February, 2019 06:20  
Blogger Mary said...

Loved the video..much truth in it.
I lived in Asheville NC for a number of years and while there is plenty of red there, especially in the outskirts, it is a very progressive town. I think where you find a liberal university, a big arts and culture scene and not all retired, you will find much more progressive attitudes. The Raleigh Durham, Chapel Hill area are also fairly progressive, but it has Duke Univithere and highly educated people and people with economic success. All this is different than red rural America. The irony to me is that rural or farming areas are where you typically find opioid addictions, poverty, religious extremism, poor education and racism. They could use some Democratic programs and help, but vote against it. Do they do this all for the abortion and gay marriage issues? Can they really be that stupid? Or is it racism?

26 February, 2019 10:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: Interesting that some right-wingers are reachable if talked to in the right way. I know many are not, but everybody is different.

Mary: Culture does seem to have an impact. The more wingnutty parts of the country certainly often look like a cultural wasteland. And it does seem to be increasing density and diversity that have slowly turned some former red states (like Virginia and North Carolina) purple.

27 February, 2019 13:40  

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