03 March 2019

Link round-up for 3 March 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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This deceptive packaging is going too far.

Be careful in choosing the URL for your business website.

The end is (was) near!

"Everyone knows it's Windy", even the horses.

Check out this educational reading for kids.

Here's a full Venn diagram of the seven deadly sins.

At this restaurant, the server can easily remember your order.

Scottie has another great collection of religion memes.

Bluebird of Bitterness presents snow cartoons and bird cartoons.

Well, it makes more sense than the original story.

I can't believe anyone needs this advice.

Why bother going to confession?

He was perfect -- a perfect asshole.

Justice will prevail (found via Frances Langum).

Donna at Tell Me a Story looks at Boston regional expressions.

We're in for a colorful spring.

Miss Mary Edwards won her freedom at a time when that wasn't easy for women.

Here's a detailed discussion of the Star Trek episode "City on the Edge of Forever" (found via Mendip).

Claudine Giovannoni has a huge collection of pictures of London (note: blog has autoplaying music).

That's a lot of water.

Get your terminology right.

Evangelicals fret over nonsensical issues.

Chronic pain sufferers will understand this -- others may not.

Do not punish the behavior you want to see.

A pastor apologizes.

Andrew Sullivan comes out as pro-choice.

Here's a round-up of 2018's best anti-vaccine dumbth.  That stupidity has re-exposed a measles-free country to the disease.  Oh, and it wastes money as well.

Person who believes in stupid book writes another stupid book.

Ivanka exemplifies the 1%'s obliviousness.

Socialized medicine would be too expensive.

If we can't ban discrimination, we can use publicity.

CPAC is like the Wingnut OlympicsHere's a medalist in the hypocrisy gymnastics category.  There was also a paean to toxic masculinity.

Fundamentalism preys on people and sucks them dry.

Trump still doesn't understand how tariffs work.

Young people in the modern world are forced into an abnormal existence.

This is what happens when dumber-than-dirt ignorant politicians meddle in medical decisions.

We are living in an era of assholitude.  But raising asshole kids can have consequences.

Neerja Bhanot should be remembered.

Our era's "ideological" battles are largely a matter of reality vs. bullshit.

Only religion could make parents behave like this.

Conservatives misquote the Founders to defend the undemocratic nature of the Electoral College.

This former altar boy is unsurprised at recent revelations about the Catholic Church (NSFW images at end of post).  The Church admits it destroyed records to protect abusers.

It was just ordinary child molesting, so no big deal (found via Scottie).

As seen from the Texas borderlands, Trump's wall looks like lunacy.

Defenses of the health-care status quo are intellectually dishonest.

An 11-year-old girl was forced to marry the rapist who impregnated her.  Afghanistan?  No, Florida (found via Rawgod).

Trump is no Nixon.

Dutch scientists have developed a system which could soon detect plant life on other planets (found via Mendip).

Globally, banks are discouraging expansion of the coal industry.

New Zealand shows its welcoming colors.

Advanced nation, backward city, bigots pwned.

The Putin regime plans to temporarily disconnect Russia from the internet to test defenses for cyberwar facilitate censorship of ideas they're afraid of their people having access to.

Algerians are getting tired of their aging autocrat.

Spiro Agnew had a slimy relationship with the Saudi regime.

With recent clashes between India and Pakistan, here's a comparison of the two countries' military power.  India is stronger, but not by as much as you'd think given its much greater size.

The Trump Organization is in for an.....uncomfortable time.

Booman explains his problem with Amy Klobuchar.

Oh for %^!$#@# -- how is it possible to be this clueless?

Shower Cap chronicles the ongoing nightmare of our existence under Trumpism.

[773 days down, 689 to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Right on, Miss Mary Edwards! And Seth Owen -- glad you got a happy ending! I enjoyed the funny links at the top of the post too.

03 March, 2019 09:06  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Chronic pain is real and it does suck.
I don't understand the anti-vaxxers. Vaccinate your kids and stop spreading measles. Good grief.

03 March, 2019 11:26  
Blogger Martha said...

The link to the round-up of "2018's best anti-vaccine dumbth". HAHAHAHA! That had me roaring with laughter, especially the one with someone using the plague to support an argument against vaccines! Holy shit... How do you have a logical discussion with that type of individual?

03 March, 2019 17:37  
Blogger dellgirl said...

This is another great list of links, thanks for always sharing such information. I always learn something when I visit here. I especially like the one about "Do not punish the behavior you want to see".

03 March, 2019 21:25  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I just don't get anti-vaxxers! At all. How can someone risk their children's (and other people's children's) lives?
Oh and the religulous are a neverending source of head scratching.


04 March, 2019 01:01  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Infidel! ... yeah, the reason I had to do a posting on the border wall here in Texas, because it is shameful, in my view as a Texan, of what this wall crap is doing to these laid back communities on our border. And Trump knows damn well that a large stretch of the Valley and beyond is Democrat majority ... same shit on why he targets places like California.

As far as Booman's piece on Klobochar, I never did like her once I looked at her and listened to her ... period, that's why I like video and face to face with people pieces, answering public's questions, etc. Especially in her recent town hall or whatever it was called, where she was responding to a young man on student debt in the audience, she was just arrogant in my view to the kid. I'll vote for whoever gets the democratic nomination, simply because of this neoliberal desperation on having to compete against billionaire crooks like Trump ... it's sad were in this situation, but it is what it is, eh? I of course like Warren alot, and Sanders, and Gabbard, are my first choices ... but whoever gets it, I'll support.

My mom taught me the Quija Board and Tarrot at about 8 years old, if I recall, even though she came out of a catholic familia and was a runaway kid, black sheep or whatever, she was self proclaimed "pagan", and back in them dayz, many folks didnt even know what Pagan was. My dad wasn't into any of that stuff or religion much (never would talk about it), he was as different from my mom as night and day though.

Speaking of religion though and the church ... I've known about Nadia Weber for some time ... I'm not a religious person or believe in any of the concepts of God these folks espouse, but I do support ones right to worship or whatever, and the fact is, many folks that do believe for years have been shunned by mainstream preachers and religions, such a LGBT people. Nadia caters to the left out disenfranchised who are rejected in our institutionalized incorporated religion giants ... as far as these fundamoralists are concerned in their hate filled monetary gain existences ... they should be praising Nadia, she is more like their biblical hero Jesus, than most of them. She a beautiful woman as well!

Cool piece on the Dutch scientists and detecting far off life or plant forms ... I feel that one day we, or our offspring we call AI, will eventually find life out there.

DW piece on coal and banking finance is real too, it's like a dying business ... coal was cool a 100 years ago, things change ... I hardly ever even heard much talk about Thorium for instance, which is abundant and cheap as Hell ... everything stays in the circles of where the money is until it's rendered obsolete.

Refused gayz service in Jerusalem pizzeria ... that's fundi shit for ya. I actually agree with some businesses declining who they serve ... it's your business, and consumer anger and demand will make or break you ... don't serve me, I don't give a shit ... I'll take my business down the street! You won't find my ass in a Chick- fil- A Fillet either!

Discovering London, love their history preservation and museums too ... great town, especially loved their music scene!

Deceptive packaging, even worse today than it was 40 damn years ago.

Photos of the colourful spring ... beautiful, cruising down rural Texas highwayz in spring is sort of hypnotic to me doing 80mph.

As far as terminology on socialism ... I was talking to some folks at a cookout last summer in rural Texas ... explaining to them, that we have been a Democratic socialist Republic for years ... pointing out all things that even they on the right enjoy, such as your social security, medicare, highways, fire/ rescue, libraries, and the list goes on ... odd how many folks never even thought about that, or even realized they enjoyed socialism ... like I tell these folks, a little socialism is is alwayz good for healthy capitalism.

04 March, 2019 09:27  
Anonymous NickM said...

As to bad URLs...

Quite a few years ago the electricity company PowerGen set-up an Italian subsidiary. Think about it...

04 March, 2019 11:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: I'm glad Owen got a happy ending too, but I think the pain of what happened will never really pass.

Mary: Chronic pain is so debilitating. Before I had it I never realized all the ways it affects a person.

Martha: The degree of stupidity in the bottom 20% dumbest of the gene pool can be amazing sometimes. I'm glad they at least provide some laughs, given all the problems they create.

Dellgirl: Thanks! That "do not punish" one was a painful reminder of what introverts and other psychologically-atypical people have to go through before they're old enough to be independent.

Sixpence: I think the developed world has been so free of most major diseases for so long (largely thanks to vaccines) that they just don't take the threat seriously. They think it's always been like this.

Thomas: I thought your post would be revealing for people in other parts of the country. So many people think of the border as a stark discontinuity between two different worlds, like the Iron Curtain, and don't realize all the local family and cultural and business ties that exist between people on both sides, just like on the Canadian border.

The reporting on Klobuchar's nasty treatment of her employees is a legitimate issue, just like with Trump being an asshole to work for. Yelling and throwing things at people is not normal. I've never had a boss that bad. And we have plenty of other options for candidates.

Coal needs to be phased out. It's the dirtiest major energy source there is.

Even though Israel is tiny, it seems to have an even wider spectrum of religious fanatics to secular people than the US does. And the fanatics are equally bad, and remarkably similar, in every religion.

Nick: That sounds as bad as the notorious URL for Pen Island.

06 March, 2019 01:48  

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