11 March 2018

Link round-up for 11 March 2018

She's got plenty of space to pack stuff.

Not-very-good hacker gets pwned.

Fetch! (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

I can well believe this guy voted for Trump.

Anime stimulates philosophy.

Demons have horns.

Here's a guide to deciphering job ads.

Perhaps not the best option.

Choose a hotel that offers extra excitement.

You may need better friends.

The Shape of Water's Oscar triumph boosts sales of movie-related merchandise.

Imagine movies about ghosts of dinosaurs.

Mock Paper Scissors has the best Billy Graham obituary.  But should Graham get a national holiday?

Insanity is relative.

Some roosters are assholes.

OK, it's a larger-than average bug.

This is sand.

Make the world work however you want it to (I can't wait for virtual reality!).

Some very small cars have nice paint jobs.

See a beautiful dance with a deliberately-confusing weapon.

Here's a new Christian scheme of salvation for the Trump era.

Fiction can help keep the bad stuff out of reality.

All the clocks just moved forward an hour.  Why are we still doing this?  And what exactly did this person do?

The founder of "ex-gay therapy" gets pwned in death.

Bruce Willis is smarter than I realized.

Donna M has her say on trolls.  Here are some tips on spotting twitter bots (found via G'da's comment on Donna's post).

This absolutely is animal abuse.

An old propaganda ad gets an update.

God doesn't seem to do much, or understand much.

Prices are determined by whatever's convenient.

Books can help break down the sexism inculcated in kids.

Some Democrats are assholes too.

If you're anti-gay, turn off your computer.

Thuggish Trumpanzees menace a bookstore (do watch the video -- it's scary).

See the latest from around the wingnutosphere -- Green's response to Kurt Schlichter nails it.  There's a gross photo, though.

Here's a detailed guide to Teh Shrooms (found via Tell Me a Story).

"Dare to be stupid!"

Marriage alone isn't enough (found via 両刀使い).  The enemy will fight like hell for their "right" to discriminate.  They continue to insist that they're the ones being "persecuted" -- and don't miss that post's explanation of the Scarlet Beast of the Book of Revelations!

Are you being monitored by KeyWiki?

Liberal Christian Chris Kratzer has some questions for Trump-besotted Evangelicals.  Note especially this comment by Manny G.

The only acceptable answer is "yes in all cases".  Trends are in the right direction.

Sorry, a con man doesn't give refunds.

Billy James Hargis was a pioneer of wingnuttery as we know it today.

Milo Yiannopoulos cancels a speech in Arizona amid dubious claims of death threats -- so his fans plot revenge against liberals and even the police.

Here's why liberals won't win the gun-control debate -- or at least the sub-debate on broad public access to gun ownership.

Religions do pretty much the same things, just at different times.

If conservatism is fear-based, making people feel more secure may make them more open to liberal views.

If this is true, I may be the most creative person on Earth.

Trump's trade war serves only Putin's interests.  His threatened tax on European cars would have consequences he doesn't expect.

There are gays in the Olympics, and even in the family.

Be consistent.

The Trump Organization gets kicked out of Panama.

Turkey's authoritarian-religious ruling party has started attacking music.  If you think the arts don't matter, consider that the bad guys always want to censor them.

Saudi Arabia holds its first women's marathon, but the event just highlights how pitifully backward the regime still is.  Women's rights are making more progress around the region (found via Ahab), but there's a long way to go.

The thugs who rule China will never willingly give up power, even if they have to ruin the economy to keep it.  They're not keen on women fighting back against sexual harassment either.

Hackwhackers has photos from a colorful Indian festival (click for full-size).

The planned Trump-Kim meeting has a downside.  North Korea is becoming more conciliatory, but don't forget what the regime is really like -- and what life is like for women (found via Ahab).  Credit for progress belongs to South Korea and its President, not to Trump.

Another little piece of civilization dies.

David Atkins believes Trump will resign after the 2018 elections.  Well, we can hope.

Ted Cruz sees low turnout as a danger for Republicans.  We, too, must be wary of overconfidence.

It seems fitting that this person got her start in a film called Clueless.

Good quotes.

Mississippi Republicans observe International Women's Day by passing the country's worst abortion law.  Crazy Eddie looks at the surge in women running for political office, which may offer the best hope for rolling back this kind of shit.

Is Sam Nunberg crazy or just pretending?  And does it matter?

The Stormy Daniels fight is unwinnable for Trump (and this attempt to defend him misfired badly).  She may even have dick pics.  And here's a round-up of cartoons on White House madness.  Shower Cap blog (now added to my links list) continues to chronicle the administration.

We did OK, not great, in the Texas primaries.

What is this spectacle teaching Evangelical boys about maleness?  Their elders embody hypocrisy and hucksterism.  But this dog-whistling is an even bigger concern.

Republicans are canceling ads touting tax "reform" because they aren't working, even in a very red district.

Want more links?  Try Perfect Number, Miss Cellania, and Fair and Unbalanced.

[Image at top:  Seoul, capital of South Korea, metro population 25,600,000, at risk of massive devastation in the event of war]


Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Of all things, I love the sand close-up not only because of the sand's beautiful, jewel- like quality, but because it got me thinking again about the relationship of the number of grains of sand on all the beaches in the world and the number of stars in the known universe. Some have done the math and have concluded there are 5 to 10 times as many stars as there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth (https://www.universetoday.com/106725/are-there-more-grains-of-sand-than-stars/). Infinite beauty scaled large and small!

12 March, 2018 13:34  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's remarkable how diverse the sand is when you see it close up. Among that many stars, there are probably things we're better off not being able to see close up.

13 March, 2018 10:19  

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