10 January 2016

Link round-up for 10 January 2016

I know which group I belong in.

A British ad brings back Basil Fawlty, peevish as ever (found via Mendip).

Immigrants in the US get the worst jobs.

Bridge or tunnel?  It's both.

Facebook is now officially silly.

Read this brief lesson in gullibility.

A mass sex attack in Germany inflames tensions over migrants, though the problem isn't a new one.  Swiss artist Milo MoirĂ© stages an eye-catching protest.

What are the real effects of tax rates on the wealthy?

Romance blossoms in Oklahoma (found via Mendip).

Yes, religious extremists really are this sick.

Respect the beliefs of othersIt's God's will.

The UK is considering banning Trump from its territory.  And he's not taking it well.

In Northern Ireland, Catholic and Protestant wingnuts join forces to oppose abortion rights.

Kaveh Mousavi looks at the Saudi-Iranian feud.

Squatlo concludes that the wingnuts are sociopaths.

Some British sex tourists choose a surprising destination.

Moron labe!  Even Y'all Qaeda is divided over the Malheur bird sanctuary yee-hawd.  Does the Bundyswehr really want to take on the governmentMahablog mocks their poor planning, No More Mr. Nice Blog looks at their squalid squabbles, and Murrmurrs envisages a counter-offensive, but police could move in if provocation gets severe enough.  Maybe this will be the hashtag.

How have Republicans used their power?

Comrade Misfit assesses Obama's gun measures.

Gin and Tacos reviews 2015 in black people getting killed by police, and chooses the asshole of the year.

Planned Parenthood will be going on the offensive in 2016.

Police in Florida engage in horrifying practices with their dogs (found via Politics Plus).

Christians in India convert children by force and brutality.  Hindus have also victimized Christians.

Islamic tradition says a master copy of the Koran was finalized in the 7th century.  So where is it now?

Even more than race, this is the most important demographic change in the US.

How does Obama compare with other Presidents in use of executive orders?  But he's changed the country for the good more than we realize.

"While warring party factions usually reconcile after brutal nomination fights, this race feels different....." Here's a handy diagram of the Republican candidates' attacks on each other.  Charles Koch bemoans the situation.  Green Eagle ventures a startling prediction on the outcome.

Mark Steyn's report on a Trump rally helps explain his appeal.

Just about every religion is wrong.

The Democratic party is rebuilding in the South.

Here are the 100 most popular movies of 2015.

Wow, Faye Kane really doesn't like Republicans.  On a lighter note, she's got some intriguing porn statistics.

A solid majority of Americans rejects global-warming denialism.

Intriguingly, smarter people live longer.

Scientists in the Netherlands discover how a critical step in the emergence of life may have happened.

Australian researchers claim to be developing an ultrasound treatment for Alzheimer's (found via Mendip).  I'm somewhat skeptical but it's worth keeping an eye on.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Quite a set of links Infidel ... you know, sometimes (not alwayz) when I click back to your page from a link, your page will be missing type and sometimes blank, so I have to click back to the Google search and click on your site again.

But 100 top movies of 2015 ... geeeezz ... I had no idea how many releases there are annually, well, at least it's a damn good business!

That bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden is really a work of art, I dont see Trump's name on it either {:-)

Of course most American's will agree that global warming is real ... seeing is believing ... only the top oil producers dont see it, because it dont effect them (it will in time),and they want to continue to ravish the earth for profits, the majority of people live and experience what has increasingly become a pain in the ass. That is why we need to crack down on these folks in a serious way too. The deniers just feed off propaganda, I've talked to a few folks over the years that dont believe it, you know where they got their info from for denying it? yep ... it's all political and no logic.

What a ridiculous FaceBook story, a national treasure of art being questioned as an obscenity ... folks have no business criticizing Muslims in the middle east who destroy art, statues etc ... especially when some of us act the same goddamn way in the west. You remember Google or the Internet tried some crap a year or two ago with the nudity crap on blogs ... it is downright stupidity and a shame ... and yep ... it's mostly credited to some neo designer religious cult ... trying to bring back what they think are the good ole dayz.

I bet that guy in Oklahoma Jail for shagging a goat got some insults from fellow inmates ... but ... that's life in the big OK City. I have no problemo with anyone having sex with a goat ... as long as it's consensual, but being in Oklahoma in someone else's pen uninvited, he's lucky he didnt get shot. Nonetheless Infidel ... that vodka will do it every damn time man! ... the last time I got wasted on vodka ... I woke up with my britches down in a goat pen and a sore asshole ... the goat got to my vodka when I passed out and violated me instead (just kidding {:-) ... Later Guy ....

10 January, 2016 07:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: When I follow a link from a site I'll want to come back to, I usually right-click and choose "open in a new tab". That way the original site is still open also.

I guess I'm out of touch on movies. I didn't see Tian jiang xiong shi or even Xi you ji zhi da sheng gui lai. In fact, I didn't see a single movie on that list, though I may try to get hold of The Martian on DVD at some point.

Of course Trump didn't build that bridge -- if he had it would be plated with fake gold and probably have a casino halfway across.

At least nobody tried to destroy the mermaid statue, but these policies really are ridiculous. As for Google, I remember Faye Kane saying "they decided to go the way of MySpace". They backed down awfully fast when it became clear that the ban would result in a mass exodus.

I'm sure Oklahoma Republicans will soon introduce new laws either banning goat-human marriage or allowing goats to carry guns in self-defense (maybe both).

10 January, 2016 08:30  
Blogger Jono said...

Facebook disallowing pictures of the Little Mermaid is as silly as John Ashcroft covering Lady Justice and the Obama administration continuing the practice.

11 January, 2016 08:20  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Yes, there's an abundance of such idiocy around.

12 January, 2016 04:28  

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