08 September 2013

Link round-up for 8 September 2013

Some PUA/MRA type calling himself LaidNYC wrote an unbelievable rant in praise of his own sperm.  Here's commentary by David Futrelle and a hilarious dramatic reading.

Protect your bananas with these colorful carrying cases (found via Mendip) -- don't miss the comments.

Dang, we can't drench university freshmen with urine any more?

Dan Savage urges gay-friendly Christians to speak out, and the unfriendly ones freak out -- read the comments too -- these people exist.

When the religious crazies aren't obsessing about fags, they're fretting over getting raped by demons.

A married man with children makes a startling discovery (how often does this happen but the people involved never find out?)

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there (found via Squatlo Rant).

Check out the spooky art of Allen Williams (click on pictures for full-size versions).

Here's an interactive map comparing New York city of today with 1836 (found via Mendip).

According to a Kaiser Foundation analysis, Obamacare will lower premiums even more than forecast.

Can we ring in the guillotines, or at least Elizabeth Warren?

Genesis raises a few questions.

Georgia Republicans openly gloat about sabotaging Obamacare.

A lawsuit challenges the factory-farm industry's efforts to hide the truth.

This Maine conservative insists he's not racist.

Dangerous medical quackery in the name of feminism is nothing to celebrate.

The myth of the Fall colors fundamentalists' view of the world.

Scalia is astonishingly ignorant about science.

Media coverage of global warming is improving a little.

The Republican party of 1956 was very different from today's.

Ah, yes, the good old days, when discipline was firm.

Notorious extreme-right police chief Mark Kessler calls for a military coup.

Investors, get your money out of this dying industry.

Burr Deming looks at Republican obfuscation about Martin Luther King and his legacy.

Careful where you park your car in London -- it might get attacked by a skyscraper.

Lee Beaumont of Leeds, England, brilliantly pwns annoying telemarketers.  Anyone know if this could be done in the US?

There's value in European countries having their own spy satellites.

Back when the West was actually religious, it was like -- well, kind of like Syria is right now.

Would you have the courage of these Bangladeshis?

Here's one of those Syrian rebel groups we're supposed to start helping.  Putin is upping the ante.  It's still not certain who launched the chemical-weapons attack.  Why can't the Arab countries deal with it?  Finally, watch out for Syrian hackers.

Tim McGaha looks at aircraft escape systems.

Sleep helps the brain repair itself and even add new cells (found via Lady Atheist).

Here's a comparison of Mars today and billions of years ago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The senior senator from Massachusetts has a taste for blood and she has the respect of her colleagues. People may want to tread carefully from here on out. I believe if she decides to stay in the Senate she'll be more powerful than Ted Kennedy was. I hope she stays in the Senate. It's rare that someone comes along with her integrity and her gifts in office. Democrats need one congressperson that's not scared of the GOP.


08 September, 2013 09:39  
Blogger Ahab said...

The Banana Bunker comments had me laughing out loud for five minutes straight. Thank you -- I needed that!

08 September, 2013 16:01  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I worked for her during her run for the senate here in Massachusetts, Vic78. I agree.

Great group of links, as usual. Can't decide which one I like most.

08 September, 2013 16:21  
Anonymous Ahab said...

As for Lifesite News' story about Dan Savage and the NALT initiative, I looked at the comments, as you suggested. What a cruel, homophobic cesspool. Here' a sample of some of the comments from Lifesite News' fundamentalist readers:

"It is self-destructive for Christians to deny the Cross of Christ by not offering life-affirming options for those who wish to change their self-destructive lifestyles."

"It would be appropriate and courageous for Christians who are being healed by the Great Physician of sexual addictions and unhealthy sexual attractions to speak out in love to those who are being led to slaughter by a propaganda campaign."

"The U.S. is suffering with depravity. POTUS is leading depravity."

"Please oppose would be Nazis like Dan Savage. He should be happy enough that Christianity created a society where people who choose to define themselves by their homosexual lust like him aren't hurt in any way."

"Now, I BEG YOU, how could a good and all-knowing God dictate a command such as "be fruitful and multiply" then create a being incapable (not of his/her own will, as in the case of celibacy) of finding the complimentary sex and fulfilling their divine right??? Simple. The fallen have decided, just like Satan, they will "not serve"."

"Polygamy is coming. As is incestual marriage. The same arguments that are "winning" the gay marriage argument apply to poylgamy and incestuous marriage."

09 September, 2013 08:09  
Anonymous Blurber said...

On, "Genesis raises a few questions," the answer to the doubters is simple. "God works in mysterious ways."

09 September, 2013 10:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Vic78: I hope she stays in the Senate for a long time -- unless she moves up.

Ahab: It's amazing what entrepreneurs keep coming up with. As for Life Site News, I read it regularly and am constantly startled at the viciousness expressed there by people who insist that they're entirely "loving".

Shaw: Personally I go with the LaidNYC thing. Can always use a laugh.

Blurber: It's odd that the mysteries of God are usually hard to distinguish from random gibberish.

09 September, 2013 13:33  
Blogger Comrade Misfit said...

Thanks for the link!


09 September, 2013 17:04  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the link up Infidel, but one thing I wanted to mention here, is that I feel that calling these global warming denier's "denier's" is too generous ... to be more frank here, their nothing but a bunch of corrupt liar's basing everything on business and politic's, I dont beleieve that they are in question or denial about a damn thing, and in my opinion only are deserving of the death penalty, they ALL know how to be cleaner, especially those with the most wealth ... tell them to have a barbeque and run idle their car engine's on their own properties with guest's in an enclosed enviroment, or maybe to dump a bunch of chemical's into the pond with duck's and fish on their properties, eh? "Scientifically Illiterate"? ... more bullshit ... most of those running their mouth's and making big financial gain's all come from affluent background's have college education's etc, etc ... I AM SCIENTIFICALLY ILLITERATE with not even any high school, science background or anything else, and I figured this crap out year's ago. They know damn well what their doing, and should be found guilty in the court of law for crime's against humnanity and nature, and sentenced to death. They are the one's who force the masses to depend on their cheap energies product's, while all along they know how to clean up thing's and even have more than enough money to do it.

They dont care about the flood's, forest fire's, melting ice cap's or anything else, they actually believe that they cant get caught by any of it and none of it will hit their well planned properties and enviroment's, they dont care about fish species in the sea, cause they will just breed their own using the same science's that they pretend they dont have or know about.

Enough said ... Thanx

13 September, 2013 07:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Comrade: You're welcome!

Ranch: There are people who honestly believe global warming isn't real, because they're misled by the propaganda. But as for the propagandists themselves, I agree with you. It's like the fake scientific studies the cigarette companies used to put out, decades ago, claiming cigarettes didn't cause cancer.

13 September, 2013 16:47  

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