18 August 2013

Link round-up for 18 August 2013

Murr Brewster looks at Hell, and a reasonable facsimile thereof in Kansas.

Point and laugh at these idiots.  Then point and laugh at these idiots.  Oh, and this is worth a giggle.

What's that up on the roof?  It's a house!

A massive, stupid alien landing site sprawls across the New Mexico desert.

Hey Mitt Romney, is this your car?

Here's some conservative geography (found via Squatlo Rant).

Religious parents, watch out for these warning signs.

The new chairman of my state's Republican party wants to sprinkle radioactive waste all over the US, and he's apparently racist and sexist too.

In response to the rape accusation posted by PZ Myers which I linked to last Sunday, a law firm representing Michael Shermer has sent Myers this letter (so far, Myers has not met any of the demands therein).

A simple chart clearly shows which party is best on deficits.

Behold the Master Race.

Republicans have a good reason for trying to stop Obamacare -- they're afraid it will succeed.  One Republican Congressman has been challenged by his own constituents about the party's attacks and lies against the law.

Ferrett Steinmetz is a good man and a good father.

Wendy Davis is the Democrats' brightest rising star in Texas -- she should run for Governor.  Ultimately the future of Texas is in Latino hands.

Lady Atheist has a thoughtful post on the ethics of keeping animals.

New Jersey hospitals credit Obamacare for a dramatic drop in infections.

Savor the fear -- a conservative columnist frets that Democrats could take the House in 2014.  More here.

Here's some disquieting information about Cory Booker.

As the economy improves, companies grow more concerned about keeping their employees.

Republicans of decades past were very different from today.

Anticipating rising sea levels, a New Jersey town plans to lift itself up by 11 feet.

Vox Verax has a round-up of Republican dumbth.

Here's a pretty good overview of 2016 Presidential candidates.

Sorry, but Obama is flat-out wrong on this one.

Benefits cuts in Britain encourage the unemployed to find work.

Upton Cressett manor house in Shropshire, England, is now off-limits to rude jerks.

We have rednecks, Britain has Scottish soccer fans.

Tim McGaha looks at the British wooden aircraft that helped beat Nazi Germany.

Swedes craft a colorful protest against Russia's anti-gay laws.

Turkey's Islamist government charges 40 people with blasphemy.

Missiles recently displayed by North Korea are apparently fake.

Here's a shark inside a shark.

Immediately after clinical death, brains experience a brief burst of intense activity, which could help explain the "near-death experience" hallucinations.

Eating red meat increases your risk of death 20%.  And obesity may be much deadlier than we thought.

Severe heat waves will become much more common in coming decades.

Scientists in Pennsylvania grow a complete, functional heart from human stem cells.

A Massachusetts company has developed cups and straws that detect date-rape drugs.

The world's photovoltaic solar power capacity has doubled in the last 2½ years -- and will double again in the next 2½.


Blogger Ahab said...

As for the Slate "master race" photo collection, it reminds me of a documentary show on white supremacists that I watched a few years ago. As I watched scrawny, toothless hillbillies celebrate the supposed superiority of their race, I shook my head. Why is it that the alleged supremacy of the "master race" is always celebrated by its most pathetic specimens?

18 August, 2013 11:23  
Blogger uzza said...

The master race needs to paint their house.

18 August, 2013 14:45  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

From Myers' blog: "...I will again emphasize, though, that I have no personal, direct evidence that the event occurred as described..."

Isn't this the same charge Myers and other Atheists have been leveling at Believers for centuries about virgin births, rising from the dead and magical miracles? Isn't the word "Hearsay" one Myers should be well familiar with, or how about "Hypocrisy"?

I guess asserting that claims should be based on evidence instead of strong personal feelings applies only to religious claims. Anything other than that, I guess, just let the shit fly where it may. Disgusting.

18 August, 2013 21:17  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for the link read Infidel

19 August, 2013 04:24  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab & Uzza: Exactly. Every report I've ever seen on those guys reminds me of Deliverance.

Robert: I hate to say it, but it really looks like Myers has blown it with this one. He ignored that fundamental principle, along with others.

RC: Thanks. Have you ever noticed that that avatar picture makes you look like you're wearing a superhero cape like Batman? It's pretty cool. (Of course in the full-size picture you can see it's a car window.)

19 August, 2013 07:39  

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