22 September 2013

Link round-up for 22 September 2013

Matthew Cobb knows what the internet is really for -- funny cat pictures!

Mishka Henner turns Texas landscapes into surreal art.

What if the Borg were Canadian?

Magia Posthuma is an intelligent blog on the history of vampires and suchlike oddities (found via Mendip).

Check out the view from this house.

You have the right..... (found via Squatlo Rant).

Never mind the Palin reference, these must be the worst shoes ever.

How big would Google's datacenters be if they used punch cards?

Satan's creations have been pretty successful, apparently (found via Republic of Gilead).

The Miss America pageant triggers a moron pageant.

The precedent of Medicare Part D suggests that the ACA will rapidly gain in popularity -- read this too.

Latest Akinism:  male violence is caused by women having jobs. Oh, and Hillary's gay.

The Navy Yard shooting is already spawning the usual conspiracy rubbish.

Stop the food stamp queens living high on the taxpayers' dime!

Here's an example of why we need the ACA -- it could have helped this person too.  Ad wars are in full swing; some factual info here.

The Secular Student Alliance aims to create safe spaces free from religious bullying.

The US is becoming more liberal, but will political elites get the message?

Thinking of buying a house?  Read this first.

Obama lays it on the line about Republican blackmail efforts.  Charles Krauthammer, Karl Rove, the Chamber of Commerce, and even PJ Media try to talk sense to the teabaggers.  Is Boehner preparing to surrender or hoping the shutdown backlash will restore sanity?

Non-bigoted Christians, please click here (found via Republic of Gilead).

Texas blogger Ranch Chimp looks at a possible Wendy Davis run for Governor (she's already attracting attention in Washington).

Police seize a terrorist arsenal in Ireland.

Germany is holding a national election today -- live-blog in English here.

Iran's new President Rouhani gives an encouraging interview, though with some hedging. Also read his Washington Post op-ed.

Young people in Turkey become politicized from fear of an authoritarian party dominated by the religious right (gee, sounds familiar).

Even after the Egyptian coup, the Muslim Brotherhood had clung to power in the town of Delga until this week, terrorizing the Christian minority.

The religion of peace strikes again, in Pakistan.

Elif Bilgin invented a way of making eco-friendly plastic out of banana peels.  She's 16.

An increased prevalence of older people in the Upper Paleolithic may have helped humans become the dominant species.

Google opens a new front in the fight against aging.

Inadequate US regulation of meat-industry use of antibiotics may be contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Switching to a healthier lifestyle can fight telomere shortening, a contributor to the aging process.

A new study on pigs and genetically-modified foods has some alarming results.

Glacier National Park will soon lack glaciers -- read this too (both found via Lady Atheist).

Carbon dioxide and acidification are killing the Pacific (there's a huge picture at the top of the article -- scroll down to start reading).


Blogger Ahab said...

The Pharyngula commentary on adjunct faculty hit me hard. Adjunct faculty are treated unethically, and I can't imagine how they survive on pittance wages, no benefits, and no job security. At the start of grad school, I planned on working in academia after finishing my degree, but quickly changed my mind after seeing how academia really works.

As for the P.M. Carpenter post, King should be ashamed of himself for his hypocrisy.

22 September, 2013 09:30  
Blogger mendip said...

Another great set of Links - Thanks. Particularly liked the one about Google's investment in longevity and medical research. I have a feeling that the next 50 years are going to get very interesting in that regard.

22 September, 2013 12:09  
Anonymous Blurber said...

Cats are amazing creatures. For some reason cat videos are usually more watchable than any other video news of the day.

23 September, 2013 09:14  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Been going through you linkage round up here Infidello (it's Roman {: ), and Yes, I am hoping ole Wendy decide's to run bad ... I reckon too, I've just been so excited about seeing Perry take a break and get the Hell out of office. She hasnt even made her announcement yet as far as running and the GOP here is already all over her like a cheap suit on sunday, yap, yap, yap about all the money they have to campaign and how Wendy has never done a damn bloody thing, even called her a bimbo/ Barbie or similar ... imagine that ... I wonder what in Hell they think that Perry done over the last 13 damn year's? and how brilliant of a leader he is?

As far as the ArchBitchup of Minneapolis- St/ Paul and his assesment over Satan and marriage quailty, etc. There may be some conspiracy there and cover up. The Vatican has alwayz been pro- booty busting as far as cornholing altar boyz ... also ... in the gay community, it's said that Jesus and Peter may have been lover's too, but in memory of that ole classic favourite song "Get The Behind Me, Satan" and look at what Jesus in the good book told Peter one day to get behind him ... it sound's to me like an invitation for Peter to get a lil taste, eh? Had to mention it before I forget it, too many year's and too many illegal drug's took it's toll on me {: )

Later Infidel ....

24 September, 2013 08:32  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

You know, I havent really kept up much with this latest "gvmnt shutdown" stuff gpoing on besides what you wrote a posting or two back or whatever, and because the 'shutdown' gig just kind of got boring in a way to me, I mean, they alwayz have this crap to take something away from us, and the GOP are the instigator's of course. But what I see is absolutely hilarious! ... this time they got this Ted Cruz out of Texas ... actually admitting that he is out to stop ObamawamaCare, because people will like it or such, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... so I KNOW right there it must be good {: ) ... just like the food stamp cut's gig goin on ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... several Republican's actually said they are cutting food stamp's, so that other's who are poor will be able to get MORE food stamp's heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )... these excuses for all these show's and cut's are downright ridiculous ... even though it's a serious issue ... I cant stop laughing when I listen to what their actually saying ... okay, I'll shut up {: )... Thanx Infidel

24 September, 2013 17:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: I've never regretted my own decision to not go into academia.

Mendip: Yes -- and I think much sooner than that!

Blurber: They can be exceptionally entertaining when they make fools of themselves.

Ranch: Maybe Perry should run for Congress. With all the antics there about shutdowns and food stamps, he'd fit right in.

Davis would have a very tough fight running for Texas Governor, but if she wins, the Republican exploding heads will make it all worthwhile.

25 September, 2013 04:13  

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