14 July 2013

Link round-up for 14 July 2013

Lucky this didn't happen to Noah:  Answers in Genesis's ark project is delayed two years and counting due to lack of money (found via Lady Atheist).

Christians expose the evil atheist agenda -- apparently we're out to take over the government so we can poison the angels.

Workers in one profession have much more freedom to set their own rules and boundaries than most.

Here's how atheists persecute religion (found via Faye Kane).

Megan McArdle's election prediction ignores some basic facts.

Republic of Gilead has a frighteningly-crazed rant from a Christian revisionist-history conference (with links to five more reports from the same conference).

Christine O'Donnell, call your office; for 2014, the hard right again sets out to primary electable Republicans and replace them with loons.

The DOMA ruling puts the right-wingers exactly where we want them -- at each others' throats (see comments).

Here's the Christian Right summed up in one graphic.

The racist backlash against that Cheerios ad provokes a response.

Rand Paul has some ugly associations.

The war on women is traditional.

Orson Scott Card demands tolerance for bigotry.  The studio releasing Ender's Game is worried.

Citizens United has really helped the far right on the local level.

The pathways to atheism aren't what religious people think.

If you want to know what the Republicans would do if they got back into power, look at North Carolina.

Another day, another dumbass clumsy gun nut, another dead kid.

Sane Republicans despair -- Santorum's back for 2016.

NOM distorts public reaction to the Supreme Court rulings.

Ohio teabaggers show how it's done -- win office running on fiscal conservatism, then pivot to getting creationism into the schools.

Smartypants looks at the Republicans' self-immolation.

There need to be consequences for making false accusations.

Russia's Supreme Court upholds a ban on the hijab in schools.

Birth rates in most of the world have plummeted, but one region remains an exception -- and is hurtling toward disaster.

Where the people are -- this is true.

No, the Romans did not persecute Christians.  But Christians persecuted vampires (found via Mendip).

Take a boat and go voyaging on strange seas.

The Earth passes a milestone.


Blogger Green Eagle said...

"consequences for making false accusations..."

Great for a lying woman in Wales. Now, when do they get around to Darryl Issa?

14 July, 2013 11:59  
Anonymous Michael Scott said...

These are some great links. Thanks for sharing.

16 July, 2013 18:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Green: Well, there isn't much that has real consequences for people with that much power.

Michael: Thanks!

18 July, 2013 03:45  

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