23 June 2013

Link round-up for 23 June 2013

Murr Brewster confronts the snowberry plant from Hell.

The NSA is ever vigiliant (found via Brains and Eggs).

Don't be like these people -- though I don't think most of us are (found via Mendip).

Hollywood has sunk to making blockbuster adaptations of superhero comics -- but what's the next step down from there?

Christians get into holy wife-spanking -- and it's not even to be kinky (found via Mendip).

Yeesh, the new Star Trek movie sounds like a mess.

Politicians must learn to appeal to America's fastest-growing demographic group (found via Republic of Gilead).

The conservative war on women is going nuclear.

Margaret Doughty becomes a citizen after all.

Elizabeth Warren looks at the corporate grab for power over the federal court system, and what to do about it (found via Ranch Chimp).

This could explain a lot (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Republicans already seem nervous about 2016.

Here's a Christian Right lexicon (found via Republic of Gilead).

Green Eagle looks at that massive teabagger rally in Washington.

Thinking of putting ads on your blog?  Read this.

Enough with the excuse-making for people like Paula Deen.

Republican nihilism threatens the US political system.

Even clergy are now abandoning religion (found via Republic of Gilead).

The IRS "scamdal" continues to collapse.

Progressive Eruptions looks at America's new young atheists.

What might have happened if the Republicans had won?

Arizona Minuteman founder Christopher Simcox might have been better suited for the priesthood.

Rand Paul is concerned about religious persecution, in certain cases.

Don't forget about China's debt crisis.

"There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat."

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un promotes a classic work of Western political thought.

Mars is poisonous, at least to us.


Blogger Ahab said...

Regarding the Christian "discipline" link, I've heard people speculate that fundamentalists use it to justify BDSM through religion so they don't feel ashamed. However, it struck me not as consensual BDSM but as religiously-justified domestic violence. It's rooted not in mutual enjoyment, but in the idea that a husband must have absolute authority over his wife, whom he then infantilizes. Furthermore, consent becomes a problem. BDSM requires consent from all parties, but for a fundamentalist woman who has been taught that she MUST submit to her husband or risk damnation, can she really give free consent here? Consent also requires that someone has a range of choices, but fundamentalism constrains a woman's choices. The whole thing strikes me as religious justification for domestic violence, but sadly that's not new.

Oh, and I'm totally swiping some of these links for my blog.

:: runs off with links ::

23 June, 2013 10:17  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Got a few laugh's at least this morning from some of your link's Infidel, and from the comment's of Ahab concerning BDSM, looking at the two word's of BDSM, looking at "bondage & discipline" word's for example, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... the Bible is full of it {: ) However, even though I AM NOT christian (I think you know {: ) ... I sure as Hell would let Michele Bachmann use her hand of judgement on me any day, and give me an extra good spanking, being the bad boy that I am {: ) ... so I can "play" christian in a situation like that (but please ... no nun outfit's or burka's {: )

As plain and simple as the Mars photo's are, I am alwayz amazed looking at them, just to see the surface which been like that for million's and million's of year's, I been in pace's like Death Valley and hunted in the Mojave Desert, which look like life compared to that, havent even thought of the chemical hazzard's though before.

I disagree with you as far as most of us not being like the photo's of those folk's on their phone's (at least around town here) I laughed the other day on the subway when when the automated announcement came over the intercom telling passenger's to be aware of left bag's and unusual/ suspicious activity and report to DART transit police, etc ... I looked around me at a packed train of people (rush hour) and I could be jerking off with one hand and holding a bomb in my other, and no one would have even noticed they were so pre-occupied on their phone's and pad's {: )

Later Infidel .... weather today here in Dallas? hot as a MF {: )

Oh, BTW ... Sara Palin as well as Newt Gengrich told us if we would have voted for them, they would give us $2 a gallon gas .... hmmmm ... imagine that {: )

24 June, 2013 05:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: I suspect there's a suppressed erotic component to it for the men, even if the act itself is abusive and non-consensual -- somewhat like the repressed homosexuality which fuels shrill homophobia in some people. Religious fundamentalism can serious mess up individual sexuality.

Ranch: It figures that the more we learn about Mars, the less hospitable to our kind of life it will turn out to be. It is another planet, after all, and every planet is different.

It doesn't surprise me if people in buses or trains stay focused on their gadgets, but that's not the same as a social situation like dining out or going to a party, where the normal expectation is that people will interact with each other. I've almost never seen people in those kinds of situations ignoring each other for gadgets, except briefly.

26 June, 2013 04:59  

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