30 June 2013

Link round-up for 30 June 2013

Back then, Halloween costumes were genuinely scary (found via Mendip).

This university in Virginia can't spell "Virginia".

To some, rationality is just a problem.

The Creation Museum is still suffering deepening financial woes.

Stonekettle Station looks at freedom and risk.

Sore losers:  NOM and its allies make a desperate last-ditch bid to stop gays from marrying in California.

The business world isn't a good environment for geniuses.

A blogger of Shelby county, Alabama, which spawned the Supreme Court ruling gutting the Voting Rights Act, looks at modern reality there.

Paula Deen did a lot more than just say the N-word.

"Adecco found in a 2012 study that hiring managers were three times as likely to hire a worker over the age of 50 as they were to hire millennials ages 18 to 32."

Social isolation contributes to the obesity epidemic.

Wendy Davis's Texas victory will resonate nationally.

This week saw the 40th anniversary of the worst mass gay killing in US history.

The shameful lies about the Civil War just keep coming.

Blogger The Yellow Fringe fact-checks a teabagger.

The EU is in a snit about NSA spying.

Islamism in Turkey is damaging education there.

Here's a skin-crawly photo essay on some of the world's biggest arthropods.

Nikumaroro may be where Amelia Earhart died.

Bacteria self-organize into abstract art.

Here's a cool display showing the scale of the universe.


Blogger Ahab said...

The bacteria art was gorgeous. I wonder if that giant coconut crab would make for good eatin' with a little Old Bay seasoning?

30 June, 2013 10:29  
Blogger Scott McGreal said...

The scale of the universe display was amazing. I have seen presentations on this theme before, but I thought this was the most comprehensive.

30 June, 2013 19:06  

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