09 November 2012

Video of the day -- back to reality?

Most of us have little awareness of just how insulated and cut off from reality the right-wing fake-alternate-reality bubble has been.  There is a whole encapsulated sub-culture out there of people who think Drudge and Limbaugh and Fox are actual news sources, and when they see something "reported" by those "sources", they think that's real.  On Tuesday the bubble was punctured by reality in a way not even the most delusional could ignore.  Will it be enough to shock the wingnuts out of their collective dream world?


Blogger Ahab said...

You said it, Rachel!

It was oddly satisfying to see the right-wing information bubble burst, having seen their delusion insularity for years. Between observing the Religious Right for my blog and having kinfolk who watch Fox News every day, I was getting annoyed with their insularity.

09 November, 2012 04:56  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

For me the most striking difference between the two parties I noticed while the MSM commentators were waiting for Romney and Obama to give their respective national concession and acceptance speeches.

As the cameras panned the waiting crowds, the sea of faces in the Romney auditorium were almost entirely made up of OLDER and WHITE men and women. Conversely, the crowd waiting for Obama to speak was an extremely diverse collection of different ethnicities, mostly women, and predominantly younger people.

Like many religions today, the Republican party is also clearly in conflict with modernity.

09 November, 2012 11:01  
Blogger S.W. Anderson said...

While watching Rachel do that segment on the original broadcast, I had visions of a group of radical conservative Republicans (a.k.a. tea partiers) watching also. Some had fingers in their ears and would periodically holler, "Go away" and "I can't hear you." Others were flipping her the bird until their hand ached. As for the rest, their heads were exploding.

One of the the best things to come out of this election year is that the trickle-down myth/scam was refuted along a broader front and more intensively than at any time since Reagan was president. It was refuted not just with rhetoric and anecdotal evidence, but with a wealth of hard-numbers statistics and long-running, factual evidence.

The hard right won't give up on it, though. It's basically all they have for economic policy. Or more accurately, it's all they have to camouflage their Robinhood-in-reverse ideology and supporting policies.

09 November, 2012 16:38  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Another theme prevalent on rightwing blogs is "America is Dead."

I can't count how many commenters on blogs have decided that liberty, freedom, Mom and Apple Pie are gone from America forevah!

Because most of these people listen to demagogues like Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, and Coulter and read extremists like Levin and Sowell, they've bought into the idea that all of America thinks like them, all of America IS them.

BTW, according to dailykos, Mr. Obama's popular vote number is increasing--and more blue states ballots are still being counted.

At this point, Romney's popular vote number loss is larger than was McCain's, a very weak candidate four years ago.

This election was never close. But the rightwing noise machine kept feeding that fantasy to their sheep--even the highly paid beltway pundits believed it.

They woke up Tuesday morning to find out quite the opposite.

10 November, 2012 06:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: I've seen some signs on the right-wing blogs of them feeling betrayed by Limbaugh and Fox and the like. We'll have to see if it lasts.

RtS: It's hard to imagine why anyone who isn't a white Christian heterosexual would support the Republicans -- and even most of those are going against their own self-interest, if they assessed things honestly.

SWA: I saw plenty of profanity of the right-wing sites as the election results came in. I'm sure many a bird was flipped as well -- including at Maddow, if any of them watch her.

The trickle-down crapola has proven to be the exact opposite of reality. It seems that the lower taxes on the rich get, the worse the jobs picture gets.

SK: I've noticed that too. Baffling what "liberty" they feel is being taken away. the liberty to stop gays from marrying? The liberty to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term?

Glad to hear the popular-vote margin is growing. That will take away the last illusion they're clinging to.

10 November, 2012 10:10  

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