04 November 2012

Link round-up for 4 November 2012

Bored with politics?  Have some more puppies.

Believers use words differently.

Betting might help keep wingnuts at bay.

Junior exorcists are on the job -- demons beware!

There's an issue that was left out of the debates.

Compare Obama at his worst with Romney at his best.

Weapons that never existed -- looks intriguing (found via Mendip).

Storm bad because fags.

Don't set your clock back too far.  More here.

Privatizing PBS won't work.

Terrorists could use this simple trick to board any passenger flight in the US, and the TSA can't detect it. 

More Republicans believe in demonic possession than in global warming.

A short video dramatizes the slow progress of voting rights in the US (can you believe Maryland didn't let Jews vote before 1828?).

It takes a fellow New Jersey native to understand Chris Christie.

Jack Jodell has twelve (mostly economic) reasons not to vote Republican.

If you live in Prairie Village, Kansas, avoid this doctor.

Union workers power the recovery from hurricane Sandy.  Oh, and that story about crews from Alabama being turned away because they were non-union is just another Republican lie.  The hurricane shows the dangers of Republican policies, and Obama's handling of it has boosted his approval rating.

The gulf between CEO pay and worker pay in the US is now by far the largest in the world.

A potential winning coalition could sway Texas to our side someday.

The Obama campaign has registered 1,792,261 new voters in swing states.

On women's issues, Romney is more extreme than Bush.  Let's hope there are a lot of women like this.

Twelve soldiers win an $85,000,000 judgment against KBR.

Most economists agree -- Obama is right about economic recovery.

This election will bring us the first Hindu in Congress (found via Lady Atheist).

The Republicans seem to be re-embracing Akin.

Krugman weighs in on the wingnut crusade against Nate Silver.

Rosa Rubicondior has five reasons why religion is declining.

The only reason FEMA is "controversial" is the Katrina foul-up, and we all know whose fault that really was.

You can't trust self-proclaimed pro-choice Republicans.

Are you betraying a friend like this (found via The Immoral Minority).  Here's another sort of traitor.

Garance Franke-Ruta delves into primatology to expose the psychology behind Republican rape-pregnancy weirdness.  And yet another Republican has stepped in it.

Pollsters have a lot at stake in this election.

Republican radicalism approaches the mentality of terrorism (found via Crooks & Liars).

Hey goldtards, take a close look at your gold.

It's a close race in North Carolina.  Early-voting data look promising in Florida (more here).

Erick Erickson may be preparing the wingnutosphere for defeat (original post here).

How many would agree with Romney on bin Laden?

Here's a simple, effective, and beautiful counter-protest in France.

Want to reduce abortion?  Germany's socialism on steroids does it without restrictive laws.

A libertarian think tank's list of the world's top ten prosperous countries shows most are socialist (and the US does not make the cut).

For southern Europeans, the key to economic opportunity is a new language.

China's rising middle class is not politically passive.

The Arab Spring has reached Kuwait.

A major Pashtun tribe in Afghanistan takes up arms against the Taliban.

Was this wasp intelligently designed?

They really went all out for special effects back in 1549.

Medical research could be another casualty of Sandy.


Blogger Green Eagle said...

Another great collection of links, as usual, but in the state I'm in now, I think the puppies win the day.

04 November, 2012 12:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

After this is all over I may swear off politics completely for a while.

04 November, 2012 17:52  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

Regarding "Germany's socialism on steroids..."

During a discussion regarding universal medical care, a friend of mine from Germany was quick to correct me when I suggested that his former home was a "socialist" country. In fact the form of government is a "federal republic" as is the USA!

05 November, 2012 19:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RtS: Socialism is an economic system, not a form of government. A socialist country could be a federal republic, a centralized republic, a dictatorship, whatever. Similarly, a federal republic could be socialist, communist, capitalist, whatever. Saying a country can't be socialist because it's a federal republic is like saying a car can't be red because it's a Toyota.

05 November, 2012 19:49  

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