31 October 2012

Political link mini-round-up

There is one man who could defeat Romney.

Yes, the status quo is killing people.

Two campaigns, two caps, two labels.

Vote Republican or burn in Hell -- but religious hypocrisy is OK.

Don't be fooled -- a Romney victory would endanger abortion rights.  See posts on Republican rape / abortion weirdness from Echidne of the Snakes, Teresa Hill, and Jason Easley (with a Maddow video).

Christie is doing his job.  Green Eagle sees him as a leading indicator.

Here's why the right wing thinks Romney is winning.

Our modern polarization may be an after-image of the Civil WarCultural history may also play a role.

Jack Jodell has a round-up of Romney/Ryan lies for October.

Oliver Willis looks at the attacks on Nate Silver.

Here's an encouraging report on early voting; see also news from North Carolina and pictures from Florida.

Romney's flagrantly-dishonest jeeps-to-China ad is getting blow-back from the media and from Chrysler.

We're on track for record-breaking high Hispanic turn-out.

The People's View thinks an Obama landslide is still possible.

A conservative looks at what happens if Romney loses.

Andrew Sullivan looks at why Gallup and Rasmussen portray the race so differently than other pollsters do, with follow-up here.

Romney used an accounting trick I've never heard of to dodge taxes for 15 years.


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