28 October 2012

Link round-up for 28 October 2012

Romney may take Umbridge at this comparison.

Murr Brewster looks at sustainability, values, and prehistoric giant corgis.

Hurricane Sandy is screwing up Mendip's Halloween.

Obama connects with kids.

Bob Larson casts out a gay demon.

Park workers in Kenya rescue a baby elephant.

Rachel Held Evans spent a year living in accordance with the Bible (found via Republic of Gilead).

Booman Tribune predicts a Senate landslide.

Romney's favorite Republicans are severely conservative.

A Planned Parenthood employee described an encounter with anti-abortion protesters (see also my own experience here).

Wingnut vandalism of Obama signs gets scary in Lubbock, TX.

A trigger-happy Alabama cop tases a diabetic teen (see links at right for more tasings).

Green Eagle suspects Republicans' propensity to lie is rooted in religious apologetics.

This phone-banker is doing it for Stacy Lihn.

Sununu has a history of racist remarks about Obama.

Here's some hidden-camera footage of those secret Mormon rituals -- watch it fast before the bad guys make them take it down.

Democrats are better for the economy.

Andrew Sullivan makes the moral case for Obama.  Here's a case against Romney.

US economic growth speeds up despite the drought.

Romney is different from Bush.  Vote for him and you'll regret it.

In the war on women, Kathleen Parker is on the wrong side (found via Booman Tribune).

Here's the complete Republican rape advisory chart in one handy image (click to enlarge); see these quotes too, and Tommy Christopher's overview (found via Uzza).  A blogger describes her "gift from God" at 14.  Republicans are just following the example of God, who hates rape victims.  Pennsylvania Republicans are getting tough on victims, but Utah party bigwig Greg Peterson went all the way and actually became a rapist.

The Electoral College favors Obama.  Robert Shrum explains why he'll win.

Andrew Sullivan looks at Mormonism and racism; readers react here and here.

Polls may be under-counting Democratic-leaning Hispanics -- it's happened before.

An initiative battle in Michigan highlights the corrupting effects of big money.

Mourdock plummets, Dick Morris stays in denial.

Republicans' dishonesty shows liberals are winning the war of ideas.

Get your money out of Wells Fargo, now.

On Ryan's poverty speech, check the record.

On Nov. 10, stand with Malala.

Take the national quiz of shame (party is easy to guess).

There exists a place where the "pro-life" dream is a reality.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard thinks Britain is already on its way out of the EU.

Oh, for a land without wingnuts -- France's Socialist government will fully fund all abortions and make contraception available to minors.

The Greek economic situation is still a confusing mess.

Malala's father speaks out. A women's college in Pakistan is being named after her (found via Lady Atheist).

Feng Jian's wife had an ugly baby -- so he sued her.

Global warming is a factor in the unprecedented power of hurricane Sandy.  Here's a guide to what precautions to take, and the election impact.

The prehistoric giant woodlouse Fuxianhuia protensa had a pretty sophisticated brain, at least by prehistoric-giant-woodlouse standards.

A paleo-porn scientist talks about spiked penises and why catfish swallow.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the link's Infidel ... A first I heard of the proposal to gvmnt fund all abortion/ contraceptive's in France too. I have mentioned before that I actually would like to see this in America, I think it is VERY VERY importante in this 21st century, one of the MOST importante issue's to me, and I also wrote my reason's for such ... and I AM "PRO- LIFE" ... being in the sense of course that I love "life". But this kind of thing is importante to alot more countries than especially France, I wont mention name's here, because it may offend some sensitive reader.

Cant say I recall ever seeing a Morman ritual/ service or whatever the name of them are, so I cant tell you if it's authentic, although I would lean toward's thinking it is authentic because of the amount of boredom I felt having to watch it ... I can tell ya about satanic ritual's, because I attended so many, I cant even recall how many ... and frankly they were a Hell of alot more exciting and sensual! I noticed in the beginning seeing a line of Longhorn steer, which made me wonder if it was in Texas or somethin?, maybe it's part of their symbolic's, aesthetic's or somethin?

Later Infidel ....

29 October, 2012 06:15  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I'm also borrowing that link Infidel to the RT abortion piece, credit to you of course.

29 October, 2012 06:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: Yeah, most religious rituals are pretty dull. No one would be interested in watching if it weren't kept so rigidly secret -- sort of like the "banned in Boston" effect.

30 October, 2012 07:32  

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