01 July 2012

Link round-up for 1 July 2012

If Obama is re-elected, this place might be a congenial refuge for the teabaggers.

He should have chosen Lord Earldom Vomit.

Our side had a good week -- cheer up!

What's really keeping you alive?

Here are four views of Iranian missile tests.

No critical thinking skills were used in the creation of this platform.

Are you a bigotophobe?

Maybe we're not allocating resources wisely.

What a pain those pushy atheists are.

Did Scalia's radicalism push Roberts into upholding the ACA?

Defiance and liberation!  150 Mormons quit en masse (found via Lady Atheist).

Green Eagle looks at right-wing responses to the ACA ruling.

Jim Wright looks at Republicans' weird sexual hang-ups.

Vyckie Garrison looks at how religion can make women submissive to abuse.

Why hasn't Obama done more to create jobs?  For the usual reason.

A Christian TV network is accused of covering up a heinous crime to avoid bad publicity (found via Republic of Gilead).

Support Obama -- he supports you.

Michael Cohen looks at Romney's endless lies.  Liberal Values looks at the tale of the 33-page change-of-address form.

Progress in the past implies progress in the future.

Here's a good overview of what Obamacare actually does (found via Plead Ignorance).

Charles Johnson exposes yet another vomitous outpouring of right-wing racism, this time at Breitbart.com.  He also posts official responses to the Eric Holder vote.

God-believers have to go through some real mental contortions to cling to their belief (found via Deity Shmeity).

Republicans have changed.

A cancer patient's experience illustrates the reality of Obamacare -- and its opponents.

Which party is better for the economy?  The record is clear.

Abortion doesn't cause mental problems -- but religious values do.

A free clinic is mobbed by desperate poor people in an underdeveloped country.  Oh, wait.....

No, California is not Greece.

Love has many rewards.  In the English village of Great Dunmow, they include bacon.

Facing rising public discontent, British leader David Cameron hints at a future referendum on the EU.

Why is the Church of England supporting the EU?

Before the world had the internet, France had the Minitel.

In the story of the euro crisis, Greece is not the villain.

Hopes rise for recovery in Europe as austerity-mania is forced to retreat (though I still think they're not out of the woods until they get rid of the euro).

Latvia celebrates summer solstice, pagan style.

This is Australia.

There's a new biography out of the man who won World War II (found via Mendip).

Pride day in Sofia becomes yet another occasion for Christian hate.

In one stroke, Egypt's new Islamist President proves he's no friend of ours.

We have defeated al-Qâ'idah.

Australians find a mass grave of three-ton wombats.

Home births are increasingly popular, but.....

Our society is saturated with a deadly poison.

This is now -- and this is the future.

The US east coast will be a hot spot for rising sea levels.

In a few years, human-made changes to the Earth's environment will reach the point of no return.

There's plenty of water, just next door.

Stephen Hawking inspires work on brain-machine interfacing.


Blogger mendip said...

Wonderful links - thanks. The first one about the Germanic 'colony' in Paraguay is fascinating!

01 July, 2012 07:16  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the link- up Infodell, I was going through this morning actually, but I didnt know so much about the Texas GOP platform or whatever, despite living in Dallas, and of course, as usual, up to no good I reckon.

01 July, 2012 14:11  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I didnt even know what in Hell kind of animal that was in the picture atop, I kept staring at it trying to figure it out.

01 July, 2012 14:13  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mendip: I've actually ordered the book -- that colony sounds like Deliverance cubed!

RC: It's one of those three-ton wombats -- unfortunately they're extinct -- you'd need to smoke a whole lot of the good stuff to see one now.

01 July, 2012 15:43  

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