10 February 2011

The Pharaoh's hardened heart

Mubarak's speech today left some confusion as to how much real power, if any, he was transferring to his newly-minted Vice President -- but it was clear that the old dictator is not stepping down. It's past 1:00 AM in Egypt now, but vast crowds remain in Tahrîr Square in Cairo and in other cities. As soon as it became clear that Mubarak had not surrendered, the gathered masses erupted in fury, and by all accounts their anger has not abated.

Tomorrow could get very ugly.

Mubarak had the chance to end like Ben Ali. Now he may end like Ceauşescu.


Anonymous John Myste said...

OK, two things made me comment. Any one of them alone would not have been enough, but two! Two, my friend! Two thoughts came to mind.

One, I just commented about Ceauşescu on another site. What are the odds?! He does not come up that often. I now realize that I misspelled his name and I am both embarrassed and annoyed.

Two, I am bored with Egypt already. The only interesting thing I remember about Egypt are Dalia Fadel, a girl I went to college with, and the Pyramids. But, the title of the post was awesome! Kudos to you.

11 February, 2011 16:45  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's not an easy name to spell, that's for sure.

A lot of people who claim to be interested in Egypt aren't really -- they're just using it to make some point about US domestic politics, which is irrelevant. Having studied the region, I take it on its own terms.

The Pharaoh thing just seems to fit, somehow.

11 February, 2011 17:08  

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