05 February 2011

Link round-up for 5 February 2011

Blogger Cyc asks for help.

Today is the birthday of a unique artist.

The space battleship Astrology should never have picked a fight with Carl Sagan (sent by Gothic Atheist).

In a world of idiots, a baby saves the day.

Republicans stand firm against more Obama nanny-statism.

Stupid Evil Bastard gets an alarming error message.

Most religious debate boils down to this kind of thing.

A new law in Malawi may clear the air.

Murr Brewster looks at the Catholic Church.

Parsley's Pics presents the roster of fishy Republicans.

The Pope's internal organs are the subject of another weird religious fetish.

Get the government out of.....

It must be divine retribution.

A Las Vegas police officer is zealous in the fight against jaywalking.

George Allen aims for a comeback (sent by Mendip).

Will Boehner be the latest Republican to be brought down by a sex scandal?

Rick Perry is a jackass (found via Preliator pro Causa).

The Heathen Republican explains why he's a secular conservative.

The Heritage Foundation admits that avoiding conservative gays was part of its reason for boycotting CPAC (found via Republic of Gilead). But the US Marines have joined the twenty-first century.

Glenn Beck's ratings are in serious trouble (found via Plutocrap).

Veterans push back against Bachmann's attack on their benefits.

Teenage pregnancy in the US is at its lowest level in 70 years, and one factor is responsible (found via Preliator pro Causa).

Republican anti-abortion mania re-defines rape (see this too).

Teabaggerdom can't be separated from the Christian Right (found via Republic of Gilead).

Nominating Palin for President would divide the Republican party -- but not nominating her might do the same.

Every day, commit a little faithicide.

The original plan for September 11 may have included a fifth plane.

The people of Sheepshead Bay, NY, score a mosque-abatement victory.

One woman fights back against media dishonesty (found via Preliator pro Causa).

A British immigration officer abuses his power.

Class consciousness played a role in the development of Australian English.

British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron stands for "muscular liberalism" against the forces of backwardness and theocracy.

The German state of Hesse has banned the burqa for government employees.

The future of the euro currency is at stake in Spain -- whose problems were largely caused by the euro in the first place.

Here's more religious justice, from Bangladesh.

This South African woman wanted a grandchild rather too much (found via Mendip).

Afghani women are smarter than you think.

Right-wing suspicion of the Egyptian uprising is misguided.

Why do revolutions seem to come out of nowhere? Because the oppressed are afraid to speak out.

As rebellion spreads in the Arab world, David Frum thinks the most backward and repressive regime of all may be vulnerable.

Beneath China's cities lurks an underground world of poverty.

Bill Gates has the luxury of telling the truth.

Strategy Page has more on Stuxnet (found via Mendip).

The "internet kill switch" is just another fringe-right myth like death panels (see also this and this).

Media Matters analyzes the top ten Fox News lies about climate science, with data (found via Preliator pro Causa).

Stories from the dead past hold us back.

Forest cover in the developed world has been increasing for a century, and now the same is happening in Asia.

Zombie caterpillars surely don't believe in a benevolent deity.

"Something coming from nothing" happens all the time.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Artic Ranch Greeting's Infodel!

Just browsing and wanted to leave a couple comment's of course.

As far as the "Onion" piece on rep's to repeal a bill of this administration on mission to destroy a possible asteroid hit. I havent heard a thing about this, or even the mission/ bill. But this has been a major concern of mine for probably a few decade's now ... only because of the hit's that Earth likely took in the past, especially the big one 65 million or so year's ago, and the numerous other hit's that there is clear evidence of. I mean, we been damn lucky as a species to get this amout of time to evolve from nature as it is, we should be readyand prepared for the unexpected ... the money? That's all that crap would be about with those who would buck such research and mission.

"Preliator pro Causa' find's some link's here to of interest it appear's. The gal's (Margaret/ Helen, well one in Texas)in Texas concerning Perry is just part of Perry's thought's, and yep ... I know of the talk to bring horror and guilt onto women. Perry is a lucky jackass only, he is a total slacker otherwise and just good for a couple laugh's and barbeque talk ... it's almost remarkable he won another term, only too because White was only a mayor before, and Perry has all the special interest money backing, and the low voter turnout in Texas of the left vote potential. Perry also in his own word's said he was for teaching ID in science class too. Texas has been not doing bad as some as far as job's maybe and business, but the state has a severe budget problem, the private sector is booming, the govmnt is up shit's creek basically, and he wouldnt even know how to handle a thing, even if he had more power. There are serious issue's here, that I would bet my paycheck will result in the near future of a drastic change of power in this state, wait till the people feel more of the effect's.

05 February, 2011 07:50  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I done this in two part's here this morning because I dont know if I'll lose all my type, for going over the 4000 character limit as I have here and other post's including my own ... and being a Texan ... keeping track of counting get's a lil rough after 99. :) (it's a local joke)

But I really still am amazed on what the republican's have been attacking in the last couple year's, it's remarkable that they are able to sustain such a strong voting base ( I reckon all that special interest's money and anonymous donation's help )... really ... I been hearing more of this talk out of Bachmann elsewheres too (per TPM link) I mean ... I can understand being tight on money, tightening the belt or what have ya, etc ... but these folk's are going to the extreme recently ... they are capping anything and everything that IS American (well , except what really need's cap's, like their welfare handout's to foreign investment, and their salaries and benefit's package's, etc), and still their voter's are cheering up a storm ... that's incredible to me in time's such as now!

The Raw Story .... (teen pregnancy)This is a first I heard on this .... but to me a breath of fresh air. Of course if folk's like the Pope have their way ... it will boom again, with even STD treat's. Of course I am still for gvmnt funded birth control to those who want/ seek it as far as teen's are concerned, but that's just me ... and I'm actually "pro- life" ... since I've alway's supported for gvmnt funded stem cell research as well.

Telegraph piece on the 5th plane story for 9/11 .... my guess is they would have planned for 100 plane's that day, if they could have got to pull it off. Even though to think that taking out the White House, Pentagon, and Trade Center would shut down America is not a well planned strategy, no more than thinking taking out our Naval fleet at Pearl Harbour would make it possible to take over a land as vast as this ... but ... that's just the way I see it.

Gotta run in a bit, Thanx Guy ...

05 February, 2011 08:15  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

BTW ... I didnt even know it was Giger's B-Day ... thanx Mendip!

05 February, 2011 08:16  
Blogger Beach Bum said...

Beneath China's cities lurks an underground world of poverty.

A number of people, mainly here in America, are grasping at any hint of vulnerability at the Chinese dragon with the hope it will implode allowing the United States to keep its spot at the top of the global mountain of power.

China does have several critical weaknesses that could short circuit its rise to global dominance but its overall national unity will allow it to overcome those obstacles.

05 February, 2011 09:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: You are familiar with The Onion, I assume?

I've often thought that the September 11 attack might have included plans for other plane attacks elsewhere in the country. The government reacted very fast in grounding air travel. We may never know what horrors were prevented.

If most teenagers have enough brains to use contraception, they probably have enough brains to ignore what the Pope says, so I'm not too worried there.

BB: On the contrary, the popular image of China as an invincible juggernaut overlooks deep problems, instability, and backwardness. As for "national unity", its huge regional disparities in wealth, cultural differences, and history of savage civil wars, argues that it has less unity than most large countries and may be being artificially held together by its current fascist ("Communist" no longer really applies) regime.

The idea is a pretty old one, actually.

05 February, 2011 10:19  
Blogger Nance said...

I followed the Comedy Central Islam vs. Christianity link with Colbert, Carrell and Stewart. I'm just lucky that way.

Now, I've got tabs from other links lined up across the top of my window like planes coming into Hartsfield. Gotta go. Gotta read.

05 February, 2011 15:54  
Anonymous rita said...

Thanks for the links! They are all interesting, esp. the zombie caterpillars!

05 February, 2011 18:07  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Only familiar with the Onion as far as satire is concerned, and that was year's back. But when this 9/11 hit went down that day, after I heard it was a commercial flight (first report I heard, was a small plane ... I was with my youngest daughter who was 14 at the time, driving her to high school close to downtown Dallas when we both heard it on a radio newsflash) ... I remember turning to my daughter minute's later ... and telling her that I think it was a terror attack now, and that they may have other airport hub's lined up, my next thought was Atlanta's hub ... cause it's easier like Boston, than say New York or LAX for instance (looser security). Next thing we had jet fighter's making passes over downtown Dallas, which I never seen before, so many thought's were going through my head. I reckon we will never know what all the plan's were, unless the crew who engineered it talk's. Even though this was considered such a hard attack and largest on US soil, knowing the Trade Center especially (I been in it several time's) ... I looked at this as a "failed" plot, also because United Flight 93 was taken over and downed by opposing passenger's. But ... if they would have just waited till around 10/ 11am, I was figuring ... they probably could have at least killed 50/ 60 thousand easy ... compared to 3000 casualties ... that is where they miscalculated, lousy timing on this in other word's ... this is America ... folk's in the morning in office's stroll in late ... many are not situated at 8am sharp. But yeah ... I was just figuring there was more to this plan than what we seen, but they ran into obstacle's.

06 February, 2011 09:02  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Infodel ... I screwed up ... the Onion piece wasnt even about 9/11 ... but what I said as far as 9/11 still stand's ... it's been a long night guy ... my apology.

06 February, 2011 09:05  
Blogger The Heathen Republican said...

For the sake of clarity, I was explaining why I'm secular, not secular conservative. My conservativeness has been documented elsewhere.

Thanks for the lists; they always help me find new people to read.

07 February, 2011 11:55  

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