13 February 2010

Link roundup for 13 February 2010

Behold the awesome Alien wedding cake (found via Mendip, whose home is now massively fortified).

Most Americans are accepting of gays and lesbians -- but not those nasty homosexuals.

Here's a simple explanation of the monotheistic religions (found via Stupid Evil Bastard).

How would you debate a reincarnationist?

Real tea lovers (not teabaggers) check this out.

I should go to more Republican fund-raising events -- you can win great prizes.

Democrats, too, have a powerful new fund-raising tool.

Tancredo wants voter literacy tests. Green Eagle proposes one.

South Carolina now requires anyone plotting treason to register and pay a filing fee (found via BlondeSense).

Jonathan Kay thinks the Tea Party movement is fizzling out.

Americans understand who is to blame for the recession (found via Oliver Willis).

When Obama gets tough, it pays off.

A Republican Senator breaks ranks. Whatever his reasons, let's hope more do the same.

The anti-filibuster movement gathers steam.

Are Republicans fiscal conservatives? Let's look at the record.

Mr. Charleston is fed up with overpriced drugs, and he's not alone.

If Romney runs for President again, he'll do it smarter. But if Palin does, she may not get far.

The number of illegal aliens in the US declined last year, but it looks like some Congressmen are plotting to sneak another amnesty through.

There's just no pleasing some people -- Obama is killing too many terrorists.

Joe McCarthy never caught a single Communist -- but his legacy lives on.

As Latin America modernizes, women play an increasing role in its politics.

Germany still resists taking on the burden of bailing out Greece.

In Japan, marriage destroyer is a recognized profession. (Wait, I thought the gays were supposed to be doing that?)

View the confessions of a former Christian.

PZ Myers recommends a book on evolution for kids.

It's a big weekend for creationists in Minnesota.

Chocolate may reduce the risk of strokes (more news like this, please).

Artificial DNA crystals could reduce carbon-dioxide emissions.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Ranch Greeting's Mr.Infidel!

Science Daily was certainly an interesting piece on synthetic gene like crystal's for carbon dioxide capture. I expect these thing's, but havent even remotely thought of this one! :)

Dissenting Justice piece on the public acceptance of gay's/ lesbian's etc. I didnt even know there was a difference between gay's and homosexual's (?). Never even really understood this dont ask dont tell thing? I have been around gay's my whole life actually, I realize that all folk's are not alike when it come's to sex regardless of which way you swing. Perhap's some guy's may feel weird in say the military about showering with a gay man? Well, the solution would be I reckon to make all shower's coed. I also thought until just about 5 year's ago that gay marriage was actually "legal" seeing all the mock wedding's in place's like Dallas' Oaklawn neighborhood for year's on weekend's, and being around gay's .... them introducing their partner's as spouses and such. But when I was incarcerated at this large facility year's ago .... we had about 50 of us per unit .... and we had "group" shower's, where there were a half dozen shower spout's in one shower room, we were allowed to shower certain times.... and designated in group's of 6 at a time and given 10 minute's max, then the next 6 and so on. We had a couple guy's on the unit that were openly gay .... but it didnt seem to bother anyone, when we showered together .... even though some guy's might have felt weird .... we just got over it I reckon. Have I showered with these gay men? Of course, several time's ... didnt make me any difference. Seem's like alot of our reaction's are politically force fed on us .... but that's just my opinion.

My heart goes out to Mr.Mendip, I have kept up on the DC snow. We have got 13 inches in Dallas in 24 hour's which is rare, and we are still in it after a few day's. It is nice and fun for a day or two, but then it get's old I reckon. This is NOT common for DC though. When I lived in Buffalo and Toronto in the winter, it was very common, as far as digging out and block's car's.

Hello Mr.President machine gun social .... frankly I am not one of today's "right wing" crowd, but for $25 buck's and only 50 folk's, barbeque, a clip/ zine and range, and a raffle chance at an AR-15? Geeeez guy .... I probably would have been all over that like a cheap suit! That's one Hell of a deal. Nope ... I had fired alot of rifle's ... but never an AR-15, so it would be fun, although I wouldnt never have a need for one, I live in the city, and to fire one of those even for home protection in a home or apartment would be VERY hazardous, on you as well as the intruder, as well as neighbor's, believe me.Yes I am pro 2nd amendment right's, but never would have an AR-15 in my home, unless just on display or something. Handgun's work for me fine, and when I hunted I just used standard hunting rifle's.

Bay of Fundie's spending among conservative's ..... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... last of the big spender's was Bush/ Cheney, as far as even fiscal responsiblilty, conservative's these day's are anything but conservative.

Thanx Guy .........

13 February, 2010 09:16  
Blogger mendip said...

Cool links - thanks much! I love the one on religion for movie buffs!

13 February, 2010 09:34  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: I didnt even know there was a difference between gay's and homosexual's

There isn't. That's his point. People are dumb.

Well, the solution would be I reckon to make all shower's coed.

That would certainly be an incentive for guys to join the military:-) Seriously, I've heard that this is the norm in Scandinavia, but they're less uptight about such things than we are.

A lot of this stuff reminds me of when the military was racially integrated -- there were all sorts of weird ideas about black people, among people who didn't know any black people. Once it was done, it turned out to be no big deal.

last of the big spender's was Bush/ Cheney

Maybe the last, certainly the biggest!

Thanks for stopping by.

13 February, 2010 09:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mendip: Startlingly applicable, isn't it?

13 February, 2010 09:36  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

One more thing I wanted to point out concerning gun's if I may. Over the year's I have known several people that stockpiled alot of gun's, especially dope dealer's in the city, and those rural folk's too. But alot of these that are say on the "right" wing with a heavy "right" slant, it seem's to me when I talk to them face to face, I feel a sense of insecurity it seem's like, a type of paranoia actually, like a guy I know about a hundred miles south of Dallas down by Waco, I mean this dude has enough shit to start a small war. He's not really a friend, I just had business to do with the guy, so seen him often, the last couple year's. But when I am at his ranch (very small, pig's and chicken's etc, and a double wide trailer on it) ... he dont get much company out there for instance so he like's to have small chat, his ole lady (wife) left him, he's alone. He know's I am pro 2nd amendment right's, so he alway's rattle's off to me about his arsenal, and displaying them for my entertainment or whatever. But it's alway's the talk about how the government is going to take all our gun's, and lock us down, send in the national guard, etc ... you know the type talk. He is also a "Desert Storm" Marine Vet. But all this come's from all the propaganda out there about this they spread amongst each other, to where they start believing that this is all part of a plot by the govenment. They even think that these FEMA facilities are made to cage American's in, in the near future. I am using him as an example because I have talked to several folk's face to face that actually feel this is going to happen .... it's like they feed each other this "fear", if that make's any sense. They really believe this too.

13 February, 2010 09:39  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: Delusions which are mutually-reinforced within insular groups of people are the worst kind. That's how religions get started.

The whole fetishization of guns seems weird to me. I've never owned one, but I strongly support the right of anyone else to do so. If I felt I needed one, I'd get one, but I wouldn't make a big thing out of it. It's just a tool, like having a microwave or a clock.

13 February, 2010 10:04  
Blogger tnlib said...

I bookmarked Why I Am Not a Christian which i will read a bit later so I can give it my "full attention."

btw, I don't remember when you did that piece on Schaeffer's book. Immediately put a reserve on it and just now got it in. An indication of how popular it is.

13 February, 2010 11:13  
Blogger TomCat said...

Excellent links, my friend. Thanks for including PP. :-)

13 February, 2010 11:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

TNLib: Glad you got the book -- as a window into the Christian Right, it's unparalleled. I'd be interested to know what you think when you've read it.

The video is quite telling, I think.

TomCat: I often include you -- you're the most prolific blogger I know of. I can hardly imagine how you keep up the pace!

13 February, 2010 13:11  
Anonymous Jolly Roger said...

I'm waiting to see what kind of a knife Judd Gregg is going to unsheath this time. I'm betting it'll be a nasty one, tetanus-coated and all. Hopefully the Peesident is a little wiser this time around.

13 February, 2010 15:29  
Blogger Karen said...

Love the way you provide all the links...it's interesting!

♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥

14 February, 2010 11:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

JR: I do think he's wising up.

Karen: Thanks! Have a good one!

14 February, 2010 11:44  
Anonymous Hugo Grinebiter said...

Re coed showers in Scandinavia: no, not so, not if you mean the sort of set-up we see in "Starship Trooper".

I spent some time in a "student town", where six or more rooms, inhabited by random genders, shared a bathroom, and a couple could take a shower together if they wanted, but it wasn't like a guy could walk in on a girl in the shower and ask to share her shampoo. She would lock the door like anywhere else.

On the other hand, there was a "common" Sunday-evening slot in the sauna, and I joined mixed groups there. It's nice if you've been off skiing together. But saunas are not particularly sexy; and if you tried any hanky-panky you'd get a heart attack.

19 February, 2010 07:45  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hugo G: Dang, another vacation fantasy down the drain. Ah, well.

Thanks for visiting.

19 February, 2010 08:01  

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