09 February 2010

Video of the week

From 1988. The power to dream, to rule, to wrestle the Earth from fools.....


Blogger One Fly said...

We do and I very much like this and have it posted as well. If only!

09 February, 2010 05:34  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I heard several other piece's from her. This is the first time I heard this one. I am more familiar with her background in the industry, quite an impressive artist and portfolio actually.

And I must add ... one HELL of a good looking woman!! :)

Thanx .......

09 February, 2010 14:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

One Fly: I found it an inspirational song, even back then.

Ranch Chimp: No argument from me there!

10 February, 2010 04:35  
Blogger mendip said...

Patti is and always has been a wonderful poet, writer and performer. Thanks for posting!

10 February, 2010 07:28  

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