26 December 2009

Link roundup for 26 December 2009

Yes, Virginia, there is a..... (found via Mendip).

Merry Chimpmas!

Mendip recalls the searing radiation of Christmas past.

Thou shalt steal.

Here's another video of the Fishmen song, with visuals true to the original tale.

Simon's Cat deals with a pesky bird and a pesky fly.

Monkeys put on a show.

I had a Thingmaker as a kid. It was great and I never got burned.

Retired cops reveal how police harassment works.

Not enough, but well deserved.

Child-raper Roman Polanski loses an appeal.

US crime rates are now at their lowest levels since the 1960s.

Jim Lippard reviews the groups promoting global-warming denialism (found via Pharyngula).

FactCheck.org lists the top lies of 2009 (found via Parsley's Pics).

Jonathan Chait discusses what the Senate health bill will and won't do and why. An NYT view is here. Harold Pollack reviews its likely impact on abortion. Tom Harkin says the public option isn't dead.

Winning ugly is still winning.

David Frum assesses the right's defeat.

Amanda Marcotte looks at cynicism on the left.

Frank Schaeffer assesses Obama's Presidency so far (found via Annette).

Americans still prefer Democrats over Republicans, but health-care arch-villain Lieberman's popularity has taken a serious hit.

Here's a sample of what Republicans might do if they regain power.

Ron Paul's son Rand is running for Senate from Kentucky. Meet his campaign spokesman (found via The Crossed Pond).

Merry Christmas, President Obama, from WND.

This history/autopsy of American conservatism was written in February, but is still worth a read today.

Tim Pawlenty is not the man to bring sanity back to the right.

The different strains of conservatism have a common theme: control over pleasure.

A Christian student group sues for the right to exclude gays.

It's not nice to criticize people's myths.

Early reports are still sketchy, but apparently there has been a serious attempted terrorist attack on an airliner near Detroit.

France's ruling party proposes a ban on the veil.

I agree with The Times's choice for person of the year.

This dinosaur had feathers. And venom.

"You lie to children for money."

Wild chimpanzees understand fire.

Global warming affects different ecosystems at different rates. For much of the US it means fiercer storms.


Blogger TomCat said...

Another impressive list, Infidel. Thanks!

26 December, 2009 07:57  
Blogger mendip said...

Nice links, (thanks for including mine!). My brother was a Creepy Crawler fanatic, and for months would spend every Saturday morning down in the basement creating legions of creatures. He had two sets, and a mini-factory system developed, heat and the smell of burning plastic permeated the cellar. England's "dark Satanic Mills" lived on in NoVa....

26 December, 2009 09:22  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning and New Year's Greeting's Mr.Infidel!

Just a few note's here please....

Really enjoyed the piece from Science Daily on the eco system effect's... as far as the conservative's bucking climate science in AlterNet ... I wont even go there, because we all know what that scam is about!

The Times Online piece of the venomous dino's ...nice piece ...I did know a little previously about that as well.

MSNBC Thou Shalt Shoplift ... another piece I had a little knowledge on ...I must say ...I agree, even though most would not.

Mendip's Solstice week activities during childhood ...real nice personal read. I reckon maybe he is refering to the DC Area? I think he is around Metro DC, perhap's they have a Beverly Hill's? When I was reading it ...I thought ...I was close by during perhap's the same year's ...my mom had a place in North Hollywood(LA), but the freezing part was questionable... not that LA dont get chilly at night...but not that cold ...I mean Dallas is a Hell of alot colder than LA( I been to Central DC a few time's, just dont recall Beverly Hills). I remember a christmas around 6 and 7 year's old... actually still have pic's from it ...then I got first taken away from home from my mom...and locked up with the state...and by 13 I was on my own ...so a very short childhood, those moment's were rare...which made the read enjoyable.

Poll from CNN about more American's prefer dem's over rep's ... I am one ...even though I voted for Bush ...and have alway's been pro-gun,pro-business,pro-death penalty, and am pissed because of recent changes in health care reform from the dem party ...but that show's how much I despise the republican's right now...I would still vote democrat in a heartbeat!

Ban on veil in France from Jihad Watch ...good for them!! If you recall...back several year's ago the gal down in Florida I believe who was taking the state to court cause she wanted to wear her veil when she had her driver's liscense photo taken...and was opposed to taking it off for the photo, and questioned as to "why?" ...duuuuhhh Dont get me wrong...I certainly am not against a person's culture, it's just if you live in a place like America ...these are our requirement's...if you dont like it ...well ...leave.

Have a good un Guy .......

26 December, 2009 10:11  
Blogger mendip said...

A reply:
Hello "Ranch Chimp". Yes, DC is where I'm writing about. Beverly Hills is a neighborhood in the center of one of the older Northern Virginia suburbs - Alexandria. Cheers!

26 December, 2009 11:55  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx Mr.Mendip on the info, and "yep" I been by Alexandria before too... just didnt recall Beverly Hills off hand ... actually Alexandria is a good size town. DC is such a large metro area as well ... that many who never been there dont know about.When folk's think of DC they think of the famous sight's mostly around the Capitol ...it has alot, and quite a city to see all around, not just politically. The preservation of those old colorful neighborhood's in Baltimore(MD) it's neighbor is beautiful as well.

I also wanted to comment I enjoyed the Black Sun Journal piece in particular as well. I dont think I am familiar with a movie by Mr.Hitchens ... I have seen a video somewhere's though of the debate with the christian minister, I just cant recall where ...perhap's here or online somewhere's ... anywayz, I thought it was hilarious. I have the book "god is not GREAT" by Chris Hitchens ... it is absolutely hilarious as well. Is he very outspoken? absolutely! that's exactly what I love about him. Reading that and the piece from Ottawa Citizen I understand that he can get folk's panties in a bind, but I absolutely love listening to this guy! "Criticism"? Well that's part of democracy...heh? :)

I dont have the patience or knowledge like him ...but once was having some small chat with a christian who was explaining to me about Noah's Ark, which he believed was found on top of some mountain I believe in Turkey, crashed into a peak or something way up there while the earth was flooded I reckon. I believe that there was other waterway's and flood's, drought's and similar of coarse that scientist's have researched on the earth, continental movement's etc. But not much of anything drastic as that during the times that even earliest human type species were around ... certainly not a few thousand year's back only. But I did ask this christian man who was a preaching student of sort, how did Noah get all the animal's from say polar region's and other part's of the globe to migrate to his ark in those region's?, and how could they survive the various region's,climate's, eco's, etc? All this fella told me was that God done it and we cant comprehend how God does thing's or whatever, my jaw was to the floor in awe to that, that was all he could even tell me. I didnt know whether to shit, wind my watch, or run! :)

Later Guy ......

27 December, 2009 05:20  
Blogger Rita said...

Great links! Aiden & I have watched each clip of Simon's Cat at least 5 times so far. Finally something has replaced his obsession with animated peas
Merry, Post Christmas, Yippee it's over!

27 December, 2009 12:23  
Blogger Eric said...

Nice pea video rita! Perhaps this one can act as an antidote.

28 December, 2009 11:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Cool videos, thanks. I'm going to be frightened of vegetables now.

28 December, 2009 16:06  

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