19 December 2009

Help science to help everybody

A registry website called Research Match has been established for persons who are interested in volunteering for medical research projects. You create a confidential profile and the site contacts you about projects which might be able to use you as a volunteer. Then, whether you actually volunteer or not after you learn more is entirely up to you. It's worth checking out if you want to make a concrete contribution to the progress of medical technology.


Blogger TomCat said...

Thanks for this, Infidel. I added it to my favorites and plan to volunteer.

19 December, 2009 12:55  
Blogger Karen said...

Well, now, that's something I've never thought about.

19 December, 2009 17:06  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Thank you, kind sir. I've seen ads for clinical trials on TV and read about them in the paper, but haven't know of such a list of august instituions as this. Have bookmarked it,

20 December, 2009 18:11  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks all for considering it.

20 December, 2009 18:47  

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