29 August 2009

Link roundup for 29 August 2009

Don't wear attractive clothes to church. It bothers the pedophiles.

Here's a business opportunity for atheists: post-Rapture pet care.

Jon Stewart welcomes the new liberals: Fox News!

Listen here as Dimitri the self-deluded would-be Casanova demon-strates how not to ask a woman for a date (found via Nancy). Then read Middle of Nowhere's juicy investigative report, via which I found this background info on the great lover (or great wanker, as it turns out).

I guess Alexander Lukashenko is the Dimitri of politicians.

Further less-than-thrilling dating experiences here and here. Well, you could always give these a try.

The birthers want Obama to show them something else besides his birth certificate (found via Phuck Politics).

I ride a bicycle. The next logical step is to live in one.

If you plan to dress up as Jesus for Halloween, these will go well with the costume and annoy the local fundies (sent by Mendip).

This creationism story has a happy ending.

Want to debate religion? The Atheist Camel may be able to help.

I really hope the cops get the jackass(es) who did this.

Anselm's ontological argument is the epitome of stupid.

Michael Steele, taking on "government-run health care", flounders.

The right-wing craziness we've been seeing has a lot of precedent.

Have the Republicans found their man on a white horse?

Gosh, how burdensome -- Dallas City Council members will now actually have to stay for a whole one-half of the length of meetings in order to get paid for attending them (sent by Ranch Chimp, who comments here). Gee, boss, can I get a full day's pay for showing up for four hours?

Hanna Rosin offers some sober perspective on the sickening Kennedy adulation.

If you doubt that getting rid of DADT is a priority, read this.

Want to shorten your hospital stay? Here's one key.

Fight Aging reviews twelve life-extension techniques shown to work in mice.

OHSU's Dr. Shoukrat Mitalipov, who two years ago because the first scientist to achieve somatic cell nuclear tranfer in a primate species, builds on that success by developing a therapy to prevent genetic diseases transmitted through mitochondrial DNA.

Update: Snicker.


Blogger Rita said...

Great links! The pick up lines were awesome! :)

29 August, 2009 08:02  
Blogger Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Hello, Infidel! I think your DADT intro should read "If you think that getting rid of DADT is a priority"....the doubters will simply confirm their suspicions. The believers need to awaken.

Since the healthcare explosion occurred, I have contemplated blogging about the things Obama could have done to fulfill campaign promises that probably would have provoked less political tension and that would have been the perfect thing to do during economic stress. Lifting DADT is one of those things. Needlessly iring people in a bad economy is terrible. Firing them because they are gay is even worse.

29 August, 2009 11:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sure know how to find'em, Infidel.

I want to blow you like Katrina blew New Orleans and then fuck you like George Bush fucked all of the poor black people who lived there.

At least the guy has the right (or left, more accurately) principles.

29 August, 2009 11:34  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

As usual Mr.Infidel ... an appealing variety of link's and topic's.

When I was reading Eternal Earth-Bound Pets,USA ... I'm figuring..." this must be a joke" ... but then I thought...what a racket if this is real!

I couldnt stop laughing watching that video Mr.Stupid.E.Bastard put up ...that was hilarious.

Of coarse...I've been reading these link's on this Mr.Dimitri fella ... and I realize that alot of it get's some good laugh's for folk's..which is fine.But any woman should take this seriously and consider even NO contact with this man...even for entertainment. I have stated before that I have been in contact with some folk's, that I WONT mention their name's here...that are currently on death row...one even who has multiple death sentences, that have been convicted of what most people would consider unthinkable and horrific crimes let's say. Several of these men I have talked to have very pleasant personalities,and are very good at attracting the opposite sex even ... do NOT play with this character, trust me. That's all I'll say on this. I've informed my daughter's at a young age on the "mind/thinking" of these offender's and how to work/think in a situation if they are ever in harm's way.

The Camper Bike idea look's like a winner maybe in this country actually.Of coarse I wondered about thing's like structural efficiency and material's used in the bike frame construction,balance and so forth...but all that can be worked out...just like kick-stand's do.

I have seen quite a bit of vandalism ... but never a sight like what I seen from the Oregonian reporter, I'm not even going to try to do a psychological profile on that one! The proper punishment? Send them to a Texas Prison Agricultural Unit work farm in the middle of summer to work what's called "Hoe-Squad" (field's)! I've worked the "Hoe Squad" personally ... in the heat! It will enlighten them.

Interesting post on the progress at OSHU ... on therapy method's to prevent some inherited diseases. It's just a matter of time my friend...rest assured. :)

Thanx Guy...........

29 August, 2009 16:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Prof. Hutchinson: After Rick Warren, my expectations of him on DADT, DOMA and suchlike have been zero at best.

Elizabeth/Rita: Well, Republican sex can be fun too (NSFW).

RC: The post-Rapture pet care is probably perfectly on the level. They may well have every honest intention of taking care of the pets if the owners get Raptured. It's just that they, being atheists, know it's never going to happen.

Sir Wanxalot (Dimitri) needs to be under some sort of permanent observation or be registered as a sex offender or something. His record makes it clear that he's actually dangerous.

As a bike rider, the obvious problem I see with the "camper bike" is weight. That thing must have some huge gear ratios. Even if it does, I'd hate to have to pedal it up any kind of slope.

29 August, 2009 17:52  
Blogger Rita said...

That is so funny! I'm bookmarking the Republican sex link. ThanX

29 August, 2009 18:34  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

OMG! The Republican sex is fantastic! Who could resist that? :) (Sending the link to my hubby ASAP. But he's not so good with accents, drats. ;)

Seriously, yes, I agree with you and CR that The Prophet aka Dimitri is someone to avoid. And that's all I'm gonna say publicly on the subject now.

29 August, 2009 18:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Prof. Hutchinson: Oh, I see what you mean. By "If you doubt that getting rid of DADT is a priority.....", I mean "If you don't think getting rid of DADT is important.....".

29 August, 2009 19:25  

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